VIDEO: Q & A With My Google Home!!!

Happy Sockin…Tuesday??

It is not Sunday…what is happening?!! I know, this is weird, but today I have a special little thing to show you. Last week, my mum came home telling me that we got a Google Home for a couple days. I looked at her thinking, “why do we need this…it is so pointless”. After playing with it for 20 minutes, our very own Google Home was being sent from Best Buy. 

BeFunky Collage-6

When we got the Google Home, I thought I would mess around with it a bit make a YouTube video for Sock The Walk asking a few questions. Beware, these questions are useless but I find them hilarious! Compared to the useful things you can actually ask it (like the weather, the news, alarms, etc), I asked about the tea on Alexa (which sadly was NOT spilt) and if it knew the most amazing movie of this generation: High School musical!!

Now enough talking about it… sit back, relax, and enjoy the video ♥♥

Thank you so much, guys! I hope you liked the vid! Turns out this is the first time you have seen my face on my blog (&  I hope you were not shocked by my awkwardness because if you have followed me on this journey you would have already caught on to that by my usage of splendid). If you guys would like more videos or things like this comment and like down below. 

By Sock the Walk

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