How To Celebrate Canada Day Like A Boss

Oh Canada, from your breathtaking landscapes to your kind citizens, thank you for being you. Thank you for an open mind, being, accepting equality for all and let’s not forget a beautiful prime minister. So how do we thank a country so dear? July 1st is a good way to start! 

This Canada Day, celebrate like a boss, the Sock The Walk way! Just put on your Canada 150 playlist and let’s get going :)! 

#1: Picnic Party!


Get together some friends and have a chill picnic day! Relax in your local park and ask everyone to bring their favorite potluck meal.

#2: Beach Fiesta!


Become a beach bum! Bring a large group to the beach and pump up the tunes! Make sure you bring a  frisbee and lather up the sunscreen for a day you will remember all summer!

#3: Camping Trip


Pitch a tent somewhere new. Pack up your basics (the ones you are willing to ruin) and roll up your comfiest blanket. Get ready for a bonfire bonanza!

#4: BBQ Babe


Make the perfect burger this Canada Day, whether it’s a quinoa or a double cheese burger! Flip in style with gingham yet make it fun with some temporary maple leaf tattoos.


Hope you have an amazing Canada day! Thank you Canada for 150 wonderful years,



By Sock the Walk

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