Welcome Summer…you were missed

Summer, Summer, Summer Summer, *throws paper and goes into a High School Musical frenzy*

Welcome one, welcome all to the best time of the year. Who can believe that it is already summer?! The time of sunburns that turn into tans, late nights, late mornings and beach frenzies.

Here’s to an amazing school year…that I am glad is finally over. This year was the best year academically, yet was very stressful. Speaking of which…you are probably all wondering by now, “where have you been Sock, I have felt incomplete without you?!”.  I know, I am so sorry to have caused you so much distress, but I was busy doing exams (yay!!!!) These past two weeks have been the most stressful weeks of my life but now I feel like a million bucks that it is all over. So bring on the heat and an education vacation for all!

What are my summer plans?

  • Sleeping in (well my version of it)
  • Pretend I am in Paris (chez une petite café)
  • Try and not die whilst camping
  • Bonfires galore
  • Find a new series (nothing will ever beat Downton Abbey *sheds a tear*)
  • Learn new recipes
  • Read a lot of really good books! (summer reading club pt. 2???)
  • Try to learn all the lyrics to Despacito before another Spanish song comes out that I will pretend to know
  • Interning as a social media manager (I would love to share my tips of the trade on here)
  • Spotting vloggers all over the city (a hilarious activity)
  • Running, Zumba, and yoga galore!
  • Try not to get a horrible burn
  • Celebrating Canada!
  • Creating memories that will last a life time

Let’s hope this will not be known as the summer of fidget spinners, but of patriotic happiness. Why? As a Canadian, I am proud to say that the summer of 2017 will be the 150th anniversary of Canada! To honor that please say eh every 5 seconds and buy Tim Horton’s as often as you possibly can! To kick start into the Canada bonanza, without further ado here is my popping Canada 150 playlist

I will be adding to it all summer, so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!

That’s all for today folks (no need to cry I will be back next week)


By Sock the Walk

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