The Many Stages Of Listening To Harry Styles’ Album

It happened!

How did I not find out sooner. The sad thing is my mum had to tell me. As an ex one direction mega fan, I feel ashamed. I should have had this date marked down in my calendar. Maybe I’ve moved on? Probably not. Maybe it’s just not relevant anymore? Probably? The funny thing is when my mum told me that Harry’s album was “bought on our iTunes account” I freaked out. I had to listen to it then and there. So I pulled up iTunes and did. Before I clicked play I did not know what was coming for me, and let me tell you it was a rollercoaster that summed up Harry Styles wonderfully.

Stage 1: Before

Okay, it is happening. Am I ready? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. I do not want the image I have of Harry to go away. In my mind he is sexy, aesthetically pleasing and can sing really well. It is going to be great no matter what. Just look at the cover photo!


How Tumblr, how deep, how meaningful. How pink. I think it’s time. Deep breaths, and *click*


Stage 2: Meet me in the hallway

I’m speechless. The reverb in his voice, sounding as if from the 70’s gets to me. This is my new jam. The sadness and simplicity of the song makes me feel as if I am in a music video where I ponder and think about everything I have achieved in my life. Why am I feeling like this? I am getting too emotional. But what have I achieved in life…..


The best part of listening to a new album… actually knowing the lyrics! I have been listening to these songs (Sweet Creature and Sign of the Times) for weeks just so I could have this moment.


Oh wait it’s the chorus got to go…JUST STOP YOUR CRYING ITS A SIGN OF THE TIMES. Wait. Hold up. The end is here? Why am I thinking of ….oh no no no NO

Stage 3: 1D IS OVER

I tried so hard to avoid this. ONE DIRECTION IS OVER. This is us is no longer relevant. What am I going to watch now when I am sick? They never even filmed a video for Stockholm Syndrome. Imagine how amazing that would have been! Wait they called it a break…WE WERE ON A BREAK. But Harry’s album is so good, so good that if I were him I’d never go back to singing 1D. 😦 Goodbye 5 years of my life.


Stage 4: Kiwi and Carolina…Thank you for this blessing

I was about to abort the mission. I was emotional and sitting in my room as if I had lost 5 years of my life. Then it happened. I always knew Harry liked rock but damn I wasn’t ready! Thank you for Carolina. The chorus gave me vibes of the Rolling Stones, then after it hits a kind of pop rock that reminds me of Suzy Q by CCR. My two favourite bands together. This is a dream come true. Nothing can ever beat…wait what is this song?! KIWI!


Kiwi shook me. This is a head banging song. This will be my song when I want to be a boss. This would have been perfect for Girl Boss. Why is this song so empowering. I feel like I should be in a leather jacket, smoking a cigarette in a bar in the 90’s. Punk rock Harry…please stay. Never go back.


Stage 5: Why does this sound like Lady Gaga?

Two ghosts is  You & I by Lady Gaga. I am determined. Next music scandal?


Stage 6: The end.

Wow. I have no words. This may be the most amazing album of all time. Okay not all time, but the best album of 2017 by far. I am so sorry Niall, Zayn and Liam, this album makes you look like shit. Now we can all say it officially…harry is the most talented member of One Direction.

when it’s done but you realize Harry’s talent

Time to listen to it until I know all the lyrics.

Happy Listening!

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