A Real Mothers Day

Mothers day.

The day of flowers, breakfast in bed, extra love and nice outfits. A day where you do anything and everything for your mothers, making sure they have the best day ever. The thing I do not like about mother’s day  is the perfection to it.

Your mother has seen ever side of you.

They have been there through the ups, the downs, the teenage angst years (me currently) and will be able to see through every lie you will ever tell. Mothers know who you are.

On mothers day, I feel that there is so much pressure to be the vision of perfection that it becomes stressful. To wear the perfect outfit, make sure the food is expensive, and picking the most lavish of spots to outdo last year. Stop, break the stereotype. Sit down with your mother and ask what she wants. Do not freak out if one little thing goes wrong.

You know why? They could care less if you messed up or do not look like a princess, all they care about is if they get to spend the day with you and how much effort you put in. This mothers day,  be yourself. Make a mom-osa bar in stead of breakfast in bed, take your mother to her favourite spot instead of trying to find a reservation at the only expensive brunch place in town. She will understand that you may not be rolling in cash, but you are still putting in just as much effort.

Or…even more.

Money does not mean anything. Money does not make or break a situation, creativity and love does.

This mothers day, accentuate how much you love her, appreciate her, how patient she is, how grateful you are to be her child and have her in your life.

Leave all negative thoughts aside, and have a marvellous day.


By Sock the Walk

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