Rainy Day Thoughts


It’s me & this time I do have something very important to say to you.

You are enough.

No don’t look at me like that. The way you always do. Looking as if this doesn’t matter, because why would a 5 minute blog matter to you? Why should anything?

Sit still for a moment and hear me out.

Lately you have been being very hard on yourself. Work, love, life. The weight of the world is always on your shoulders. The weight that tells you to do better, try harder, never give up. But also the weight that makes you feel like you are not worth it or important. As if the world doesn’t care about you. How does that make you feel? Does it make you want to look at yourself in the mirror and change the reflection? Or do you let it slip away from your thoughts? I hope you see that that the weight is not there to change you, but to make you realize the great days. The days where you can’t stop smiling or humming to your favourite tune. The days that are never ending, in the best possible way.

Allow yourself to have those crummy days.

Not everyday will be sunny, so let it rain. Let your emotions pour because honey, you need to. Let them pour to stay sane. Yet let those days end. Do not let others drag you into a cycle of doubt. You are strong and can get through anything. Trust me, I’ve seen you do it. You can conquer the world with your eyes sewn shut, you can control the waves with your strength and you can love with the stars. But never ever question your worth. The things, those people and places that makes you feel this way are never worth it. So don’t give into the demons, instead turn your frown into a lesson and keep moving forward.

You are enough.

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

That’s all that matters.


By Sock the Walk

You can talk the talk but can you sock the walk? Feel free to join this amazing community & follow//sockthewalk@gmail.com//

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