Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!

Fandoms can get freaky. Belonging to a fandom is dangerous, especially when the fandom you belong to is one of the most popular ones of all time. Am I talking about Star Wars? One Direction? Star Trek? Yes, but today I will be focusing on one fandom that has lasted despite the fact that there will be no more books or movies of the sort; Harry Potter.



I love Harry Potter. Ever since I found out that I would be going to Harry Potter World, I let my admiration for the series take over. I watched the movies every night, found out what house I was in via (Gryffindor…..Heck Yeah!) and found a friend who fully understands what I am going through. At first I thought I was going mad, all I could ever talk about or think about was how I would finally get to try butter beer. I was fulfilling a childhood dream, and boy was I excited!

Harry Potter World was nothing like I could have imagined.  I saw every picture on Pinterest, but nothing compares to seeing it in the flesh. When you step inside those magnificent gates, you become a wizard and no other muggle matters.

The first thing I did before going to Harry Potter world was check my house on (Pottermore is a website made by JK Rowling and it sorts you into your house, patrons, wand, etc) I got Gryffindor, so it was only fitting to wear red and yellow to Harry Potter world (always reppin).

HERE IS WHERE WE GET TO THE TRICKY STUFF: How to do Harry Potter world in a day?

Rule 1: Get to Universal Orlando at the crack of dawn and run (I mean RUN) to the back of the amusement park. Why? Gringotts, the most amazing ride & only Harry Potter ride, fills up lines like it’s nobody’s business. We ran there straight away and still had to wait 1 hour to get on the ride.


Rule 2: Single Riders

All throughout Universal there are express lines and normal lines for rides. BUT simply ask if there is a single riders line (that is if you do not need to go with a pal on the ride) and you will get going a hell of a lot sooner.

Rule 3: Olivander’s

Who wouldn’t want to swish and flick like Hermione throughout the day? At Diagon Alley, you can cast spells in windows with interactive wands for 50$. Sure it may be pretty steep, but who else has a wand?! Personally, I bought my wand the day before at City Walk Universal (the stores of Universal Studios) to avoid the lines of Olivander’s. I still got to go inside and take a peek, but I was stuck with a characters wand. Since I am not picky and would rather have Luna Lovegood’s wand than my own,  I was thrilled to buy before and save more time to explore.


Be warned: Don’t explore too much or you will end up in Knockturn Alley… & Hagrid cannot help you this time!


My last rule is to enjoy yourself! You will only be here once (since it is so darn expensive) , so take all the cheesy pics, do all the fun things and do not be embarrassed to freak out.


What was my freakout fandom moment? The entire time.

Seeing Gringotts bank with the dragon on top, eating lunch at the Leakey Cauldron, going into the Weasley’s store, having the shrunken head on the night bus say my name, but the most important was trying butter beer. The taste of caramel and root beer was an amazing combination! Sweet but not too sweet, just right.


But seriously when I say the shrunken head talks…it really does! He comments on your house, asks about quidditch, all making you feel as if you are part of the Harry Potter series.


I was afraid before going that I would be the oldest one there. I was going to go full on out and was scared I’d be out done by 5 year olds. The answer was simple: Fandoms never die. There were fans who were wearing cloaks from the ages of 13 to 50. I saw people crying over the fact that they were a Gryffindor. It was the best part of the entire day.

If you too are currently getting over your PHPWD, you will make it through. My first tip (besides this blog) would be to post every picture you have of the adventure on your Instagram. If you are not willing to do that task then….SUCCESS! You have fully gotten over it (go you!)

All the best,

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