Have I Died and Gone To Heaven…& Why Is CCR Not There?

It was 7am when I found out.

I saw that Niall Horan tweeted “LIFE = COMPLETE”  along with a link. Since I was bored, I clicked it. Little did I know that this very link would lead me to my wildest dreams coming true.


I love old music.

By “old music” I mean: Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and Carole King. I am not so into current day musicians so It has always been a dream if they all had a concert together. The stars have aligned because in July 2017 there will be a concert tour with the most amazing artists alive called: The Classics

 *cries for 10 hours on end*

The Classic West will take place first in LA at Dodger Stadium on July 15th and 16th. Then, the tour will go to New York City at the Citi Field on July 29th and 30th for Classic East. For all of you music festival lovers out there, this will not be a rave full of crop tops and beer every where. This will be an event full of oldies soaking up the classics. The funny thing is, to me that sounds like heaven. Yet, even though my dreams have finally “come true” we have… 2 slight problems.


1: I do not live in LA or New York City

2: We Need More Artists!:

There is an AMAZING lign-up for the Classics Tour.

Headlining (or can I even say that because they all deserve to be headlines)  we have: The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.


look familiar?

But wait it gets better! With Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Doobie Brothers and Journey. Being able to see Stevie spin on stage and Best of my love all in one night would be…Wait a minute Journey?! That’s where it ends?!

To make it the “Classics” we need some more bands that shaped music to what it is today. We need a full-blown out festival with non stop classics that everyone will be dying to go see. If you do this, you need to go big or go home. To help the creative juices flowing with the addition to the line up, here are my suggestions:

  1. CCR: Not only does there sound of country rock mimic the Eagles, but their music tells a story.
  2. The Rolling Stones: It’s called the classics right?! The Stones are the definition of classic and would attract not only oldies but young kids to the concert too. Come on…everyone loves the Rolling Stones.
  3. Carole King or Billy Joel: If we want to add a mellow artist in there I would say one of these two would be just perfect. Their songs tell stories, stories to make you cry or laugh but none of the less “Beautiful” ones (get the pun) that you can listen to all day and night.

Dear the Classics,

I really hope you take this into consideration. Even a surprise pop up of one of these artists would be suffice. Please think on it…


All in all, I am just utterly glad that the oldies have not been forgotten about. If anything they deserve the most recognition for shaping the music of today.  Tickets for the Classics tour come out on April 7th 2017 on TheClassic.com

Will you be going?

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.09.34 PM


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