“Is That A Trench Or A Top?!” : 5 Weird Trends For Spring 2017

I love learning about the latest trends. 

Trends fresh off the runway can either be a sight for sore eyes or an instant relief. There is a notion revolved around runway that the clothes will be too “modern” to pull off unless you are Kendall Jenner. I have found my top 5 Trends that made me think just that. Who would wear them?  But maybe you can find a way to pull them off…

#1: Let’s Gingham, Baby

I need some explanation. At first glance, I thought this piece was fine. Yet I stared at it for a while and questioned myself where I’d wear it, why there was pink detailing and cut out sleeves. How do you fix this disaster? Easy. Simply swap the pink for black, and make the sleeves come together. Badaboom bada bing


#2: The “I want to be classic but also look like it was raining” top

What on earth… I get a sexy Sherlock Homes vibe from this, but imagine this in the rain. If it rained, you would have no protection at ALL. Off the shoulder tops are cute, and trench coats are classic. Yet trying to mix these two together is an utter mess. 494118f18598cbb551654eba26bbc628

#3: Hot Mama Jeans

Mom jeans took over 2016. They were more than just jeans, they were sweatpants that look good. I love a good mom jean, but according to designers they are a thing of the past. So what is in? Flame jeans. I have seen these all over Pinterest and am thoroughly concerned. Why? Riddle me this…what do you where them with? The dreamy part about mom jeans is the fact that they go with everything and are as comfortable as pajamas. It’s a no from me.


#4: The Nightie

Why do I call this a Nightie? Well look at how it perfectly hugs this models figure. Am I the only one getting a feel that they copied this from the Paper Bag Princesse? Expect to see this all over Instagram this summer.


#5: Flamenco + Shoe laces = ??

When you have to go on a date at 4 but be at your flamenco class by 5. Am I the only one who sees this mix match as hilarious?! The chocker-esque tie around the neck looks like a pair of laced flats. Oh no 2017. I will give them this, the pattern is absolutely adorable.


Even though I am not able to pull off these looks, I say be bold and try it. To each their own.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.09.34 PMcropped-cropped-sock_the_walk_large1-e14906387826101.jpg

By Sock the Walk

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