I Went To The Oscars With Karlie Kloss…Sort of

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I tried virtual reality once.

I was at the mall with my mum, and as we walked past the Microsoft store she saw a sign claiming “TRY VR” and decided I needed to give it a go. She already  had VR experience, at no other place than SXSW where you can bet your last penny it was a high quality experience compared to the mall. I went it, put on the very heavy and complicated head set and they plugged in the 360 video.

It was Minecraft.

As a non-gamer this was not  a thrilling choice. I had to play Minecraft in front of tons of employees and customers who knew the game like the back of their hand…on a big screen. I heard a voice of a pre pubescent boy saying, “No don’t go there….no. Oh my god”. That was my VR experience. It sucked. Flash forward 3 months. I came home one day and my mum had a present for me. A cardboard VR head set. I sat there confused wondering how I could use VR with it without the proper material, than it hit me. My cell phone. There was a slot on the box for my phone. The only issue was: I did not want to play Minecraft. I genuinely thought that Minecraft was the only video available in VR. Boy was I wrong!I went on to YouTube and searched: virtual reality video. It came up with videos of dancing with Buzzfeed to a reenactment of 1812. Then I saw it…Klossy. *cue voices of angels*


If you know me, or have read my blog Girl-Code or Unboxing: Kode With Klossy Box!, then you would know how much I adore ms. Karlie Kloss. Not only is she a world-renowned model, yet has made tech “great again” with her start-up to teaching girls how to Code. I myself was inspired by her to learn coding through freecodecamp.com (for free!!). The video that Karlie made in VR was a trip to the Oscars with Karlie, yet the best part was I got to meet Bill Nye *bill, bill, bill,bill…science rules* .

I put on my headset and felt at peace. My first thought was, “I am Karlies friend”. It sounds lame, but it was absolutely insane how real it felt that when you looked across the room you were picking out her Oscar red carpet dress. The fact that we have 360 cameras and the ability to be with our favourite celebrities for no cost blows my mind. The advancements in technology in our society today seem to without a doubt confuse me, but also ignites a passion to learn more.

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If I could tell you one thing to take away from this I would say, believe in technology. Technology is the way of the future for anyone no matter what gender or age. Oh and also get a VR head set. To experience virtual reality you do not have to own 1,000$ worth of equipment, you can simply buy one for 14$. I got the Kikkerland camera looking one for 15$ and it was worth every penny.


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Happy Socking Sunday!

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was simply a quick life update/ discovery I had this week.


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