Random Act of Puppy!

Do you have a dog? Do you want a dog? Do you follow over 10 accounts on Instagram of dogs in outfits? If you (shamefully or not) answered yes to any of those questions then yesterday would have been your ideal day.


National puppy day was celebrated all over Canada and the United States of America on the 23rd of March. As a dog owner, and lover myself, to hear that a day honouring life’s great companion exists took me back for a second. My Instagram feed was flooded with pictures of my friends pups, Patrick Stewart’s rescued pup, and of course Corgis galore!


All jokes aside, there was one-act that stood out from the rest, one that benefited others whilst themselves on this glorious day (that in my opinion should be a national holiday).


Do you or a friend deserve some puppy love? Nominate yourself or a friend to win a “Random Act of Puppy Love” on March 23, 2017. Nominations start Monday, March 6, 2017 and end Thursday, March 16, 2017. Nominees must be of legal age. Nominees must be located in downtown Toronto (boundaries: Kipling, Eglington, Front/Queens Quay, Don Mills Road) during the “Random Act of Puppy Love”. Nominee’s location during the “Random Act of Puppy Love” must be open to the public (i.e., no building security) and must not ban animals.

If you are too lazy to read the block quote, or just don’t have time for my shit, then you would not know the amazing initiative that Purina Canada put up for Puppy day.  The company, being a dog food and cat food brand, decided to spread the celebration from their headquarters to the locals of the city of Toronto. Before the 23rd, you could have nominated an individual who you thought deserved a visit by 6 portuguese water dog pups.  Trust me I tried nominating myself. Whether it’s a broken leg or a broken heart, all nominations were taken into consideration and a certain handful got surprised by puppies the entire day. Purina  Canada had a live stream on  Facebook all day of the random acts and they were truly heart warming. From shrieks (many shrieks) to on the verge of tears, one could say it was a raging success!

One of my favourites was the reaction of Rachel…


I mean come on, that is too pure for this world.

They finished off the day with a celebration of vegetarian food and puppy pics at the Purina Pawsway located a long the Toronto Harbour front.

I hope you had a lovely puppy day celebration. When I came home, from a long day of school, I looked at my dog and thought how lucky I was to have a companion like her.



By Sock the Walk

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