Trendy Transitions from Winter to Spring

I’m warm I swear, says the girl in the leather jacket zipped all the way to the top as she is shivering like a mad man. The way her ankles are being bared at -10°c, there is only one explanation. “I already put away my winter clothes…yesterday was so warm” Don’t fall into the trap of s-winter. 

I thought spring had sprung. Turns out, it did not.  Mother nature had us fooled, fooled so much so that I nearly put away my winter sweaters. Nearly. Yet after a quick reality check, life is back on track and I am pining for spring weather more than ever. The month of March can be an awkward time from one day of snow, to the next a day that feels like summer. To save you from doing this alone, here are some outfits to transition from winter to spring.


#1: School:

Schools can go 2 ways: scorching hot, or ice box at this lovely time of year. Do not take any chances and do one thing: layer. Layering is all swinter is about. Going to school in a flannel and leather jacket, coming home in a tee-shirt. Try this out with a nice thin yet effective layer under your spring jacket and sneakers since there is no longer any snow *cries of happiness*


#2: Rainy Day in Pizza Ville

We all forgot about it. Rain. In the time of swinter, the rain is worse than in spring. The cold air mixed with the wet skies turn into a level of freezing that cannot compare. If the rain only lasts for 10 minutes, wear rain boots, thick socks, and make sure you have a trust umbrella. The coat is no specific choice, yet I say maximize your use of warm faux-furs for as long as you can.


#3: Café con Leche

(aka heaven)

Sadly swinter is not yet the time for out-door patios. Compromise by going to a local café in a beret and you will feel like you are in Paris. Maximize your boot potential in small heels or be prepared for the spring with slip on vans. Make this more of a spring look by cracking out your pastels and sit pretty in pink whilst sipping a delightful drink.

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