How To YouTube

All I do is go on YouTube. 

If you do not know what YouTube is, you have most likely been in hiding for the past 5 years. With faces such as Casey Neistat, Super Woman and Pewdiepie, it is easy to run into a YouTuber without logging on to the site. Their faces are plastered on buildings, street cars, and tv screen.

If you are reading this right now, you have been on YouTube. It is an art and a way of living for some, yet mastering the deep dark webs of this site can be hard. Just one wrong click and you will be sucked into a black abyss of dogs and diy videos. No, I am not a pro, actually I often give into the trap.  Yet here is my guide to  standing your ground on YouTube.

Stage #1: You logged in

Good job you have made it onto YouTube *yay me clapping* You are here to complete your mission: watch the new Carpool Karaoke video. Right as you go to typing in “James Corden” to your browser, it happens. The Recommended page, and trust me it always sucks you in. You look at the options of watching a Try Guy video, your personal favourite, or to re watching that one video you can always die of laughter at (a.k.a Trevor Moran reacting to Echo). Oh internet! You stay strong, yet give in and click the video “accidentally” and act as if you are even the slightest bit mad about it.



Stage #2: The Non-Mission Video

You watch it and boy do you enjoy it. You enjoy it so much that you forget why you even went onto this site in the first place. Right as you were about to remember the reason you…OH LOOK a video captioned: Niall Horan is caught with a girl *not clickbate*. Every video that says “no clickbate” is always clickbate. Simply a fact.

Yet you forget all the rules you have spent hours to learn, since let’s face it, Niall Horan is that’s important.

Stage #3: Skip, Click, Denial begins

*skips through entire video until catching a glimpse of Niall* *Turns out not to be him* NOT AGAIN *Realize that you have spent 1 hour on YouTube when you were simply on a homework “break”*


Stage #4: Glory

Right as you are about to throw your phone at a wall, you see it. In your recommended tab,  a magnificent image pops up. The video is there. Now you feel as if you can cry, because of this emotional rescue thanks to the internet gods and Bruno’s amazing hats.


Stage #5: You sit back, relax and watch

Success! Yay you! The video was worth it in the end. Now you are done officially with this darn website…wait…I want to know what my hair colour says about me and how to get abs in 10 minutes!?!? Sign me up for another 2 hour ride.

*get’s sucked into the YouTube abyss*

Sorry. There is no way to avoid it. You sure did try hard though, I’ll give you that.

I hope you enjoyed that 🙂  Comment down below for more ideas and feedback 

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