Riverdale Is The Next Gossip Girl

The CW Network does it best, from Jane the Virgin to the Vampire Diaries, they always know how to target the perfect audience. People have tried to beat them out with dramas such as The Fosters, yet their fame and good name is handed back to the fact that they created the cult classic to last generations: Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl: The perfect show to watch if you despise being in drama but adore watching it. Trust me, it is as juicy as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and the men are better looking then Scott Disick (sorry Scott). Gossip Girl had a reigning 6 seasons at number one appealing to teenagers and up across the world. You cannot search the title best friend on Pinterest without coming across a picture of Serena and Blaire. I cannot recall the amount of times I have heard people talking about the show in classes as a way to break the ice. Gossip Girl is used as a common ground, it is a house hold name.

Recently, the CW Network came out with another, a show called Riverdale based on the bestselling Archie Comics, and boy was it a smart thing to do. In under a month, Riverdale has taken over and has risen to the fame of Gossip Girl.

Think about it. I can give 5 facts to reason why Riverdale is the next GG


Fact #1 Perfect Audiences: “Have you seen Riverdale?” My High school is so infested with the love for the show that it personally is quite breathtaking. In my school, there are many different cliques, yet I have heard all of them talking about just how hot KJ Apa is or their hate for Cheryl Blossom . They targeted the show directly to the teenagers and millennials far and wide, yet have also intrigued a few adults too. Riverdale is appealing not only for the hot boys, yet also for the content of the comics to adults who grew up loving the comics themselves. Good job CW, even better than Gossip Girl!


Fact #2 Unknown With A Mix: When Gossip Girl first came out, the stars were all infamous. All except for one, Blake Lively. Blake Lively stole the hearts of boys and the emotions of girls in movies such as The Sisterhood Of the Travelling Pants before going on the show. The producers of Riverdale did the same with the new show except their Blake is Cole Sprouse. Cole and his twin brother Dylan were the most famous kids on Disney with their show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I personally loved Cody more and it makes my day that Cole (Cody) is the role of Jughead. Yet for them it is a bit different, since Cole gave up acting, this is his long overdue re introduction to the film industry and I cannot get enough of it.


Fact #3: KJ Apa is the new crush among teenagers far and wide, move aside Chuck Bass.

Fact #4: Riverdale is about teenagers at high school as juniors which is the exact age of the first season of Gossip Girl. The CW Network gave themselves a lot of space to write for further seasons while still making it a relatable age to the audience. That way the viewers can grow with the characters, and trust me there will always be just as much love and lies in a small town as there is in the big apple throughout the seasons.

Fact #5: Veronica and Betty are the new Serena and Blaire. They are best friend goals even though they just met. To clarify, they are not the same in any way, yet they mesh so well and give the show variety that can relate to the real world. B and S or B and V? You decide.


If you have not watched Riverdale yet, you are missing out! I’d tell you to go watch it right now, but I am pretty sure that was implied by this blog. They two shows are as similar as can be, yet there is one thing that I hope they never do on Riverdale…TAKE IT OFF NETFLIX. For the love of god, please do not do that.

Happy Sockin Sunday,



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