Neistat & His Playlist

Mr. Neistat , Casey that is, is known far and wide for his mark in the Youtube world. With 6,519,364  subscribers and counting, Casey became the king of Vlogging in 2016 as he vlogged every single day. I have over heard people talking about Casey saying, “Why is he so famous, he does nothing?!” or “Why does he mess up his glasses like that” or “His wife must hate that”. It is quite easy to judge someone before knowing a lot about them. I used to be one of those people though.

I was originally shown one of his videos by my cousin last easter. For some reason, they drew me in. That day alone, my cousin and I watched 5 Neistat vlogs and loved it. I was wondering why I kept wanting to see more, all he was doing was talking about his daily life. So I decided to do further research and found Casey’s Draw my life video. 

I cried.

I do cry pretty darn easily, but trust me when I say that Casey’s rise to fame is a tear jerker.  From being kicked out at 15 years old, having a kid at 17 Casey’s life did not seem all it was cracked up to be. When living in a trailer park whilst on welfare, it may seem impossible to dream of the big future, yet Casey always did. He dreamt of becoming a film maker; and that is just what he did.

If you have ever seen one of Casey’s vlogs, you would know how amazing his film making skills are. From the skylines to the jogging breaks, his scenes represent that little bit of beauty in daily life. Personally, I think that the beauty of the views are enhanced by the music he plays in the background. Casey plays excellent remixes off of Soundcloud that always put you in a feel good mood.

I have downloaded my personal faves and decided to make my own: Neistat Playlist, to share with  you the music that will brighten your day.

Hope you enjoy!



  1. My Eyes by  Ukiyo
  2. Pillowtalk by  Jeff Kaale
  3. Be Your Girl (Julian Mae Remix) by  Teedra Moses
  4. Cookie by Jeff Kaale
  5. i love you by Panthurr
  6. Life Could be a Dream by Future James
  7. Rainy Day by SAFAKASH
  8. Bonjour rex by Jeff Kaale
  9. The Open Road by Panthurr
  10. Eery by Her

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