How To Turn Your Shower Into A Party

It is 8 am and you start your day with no better feeling. The warm water hitting your spine is your idea of a perfect wake up call. After shampooing and conditioning like a mad man, you try to stay in longer just to take in that warm water after a cold night sleep. To kill time you start singing. You start with your go to shower song and mid way through the last power ballad you forget the words. Heck you have forgotten the words to all of your favourite songs! This is when crisis strikes. 

Let’s face it, the shower may be the most relaxing place on earth. Whether it is rain head, shower mode or power spray, the options are endless. The shower was invented in 1914, yet if there is one thing that always comes up on the topic of showers is…singing in the shower. Who cares about singing in the rain when you can sing in the shower? I am the type of person that may not be able to sing, yet does it anyway. My go to shower songs are Do Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart and Night Changes by One Direction. These are my two songs because when I step in the hot water they are the only ones that I seem to remember. This may just be a personal problem that seems minuscule, but when I forgot the lyrics it hit me hard. I find comfort in listening to music, music helped me become who I am today. When I forgot the lyrics it felt as if I lost that sense within me. Sure, I have thought about bringing in speakers, but the water vapour ruins not only quality of sound, but the speaker itself. The other day I was in Chapters wondering around the trinket section when I found the end to all of my worries. The MB Bluetooth Shower Speaker. I ran over to it expecting it will be 100$ yet was shocked when I saw the 14$ price tag. I bought it right there and then.


The MB Bluetooth Speaker goes onto your shower tiles by a giant suction cup, has a a rechargeable battery and connects to your media device via bluetooth so your phone will not have to undergo damage. The buttons on the MB are to skip, go back, pause your music, and pick up a call (just incase you feel like showering and talking). The sound quality goes down a little bit, but trust me it is worth it. I now have a party in the shower. I have a shower time playlist and I will insert it down below.

To all of you people out there not living life fully….buy the MB Shower Speaker. It will be worth it!


Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg

24k Magic by Bruno Mars

Everyday By A$AP Rocky (feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson)

Jump In the Line by Harry Belafonte

Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) by Matt Simons

Shapeshifters by Sam Roberts Band

Mamma Mia by Abba

I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles

Don’t Phunk With My Heart by the Black Eyed Peas

Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley

Livin On A Prayer by Bon Jovi

Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

London Bridge by Fergie

Pony by Ginuwine

Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? by Rod Stewart


By Sock the Walk

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