How To Galentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you go seems to remind you of the one thing that you know will be forever true. Couples are hand in hand in pink and red, while you slowly roll your eyes behind them. People kissing left and right as they always seem to be taking up your space with their mid subway make out sessions. It reaches to the point that you contemplate getting a date in time for them to drown you in candy hearts and Hershey kisses, not that you were going to do that anyway. Here’s to another single Valentines Day.

To all you singles out there, fear not this Valentines day. Instead, celebrate like Lesley and try Galentine’s Day.


Galentine’s day takes place the day before Valentine’s day, as a get together with all your gal pals. Galentine’s was created by the queen of Parks and Rec and  will forever be an annual tradition. This year, take your celebration to the next level by spending a gal pal filled weekend before V-Day. Not sure what to do with your friends? Fret not, Sock The Walk has your back for help on the best day of the year!

#1: Galentine’s Brunch


Start off the festivities right at a local breakfast joint you all love. Dress it up or dress it down with sneakers and paint splattered jeans. The beauty of a brunch is you can talk over tea in comfort and style. Have fun out there!

#2: Movie Night


Yes, this Valentine’s you can spend it watching which ever movie you like (well given that you can convince the squad). Whether it is Fifty Shades Darker, that conveniently is being brought to theatres on Valentines day, or Hidden Figures, to give you that girl power feeling. All you have to do is make sure you get the extra buttery popcorn.

#3: Fancy Dinner Date


Is there somewhere you and your friends have been dying to go? Some where on the pricier side? If so, dress up as a group and go get it! Pair a festive pink in the outfit that allows you to get into the Galentine’s spirit. If the pricier food does not interest you, instead stay dressed up and go get a slice of pizza. I have always wanted to see someone in heels and a tuxedo eating in a pizza shop.

#4: Girl’s Night In


Want to celebrate in the comfort of your own home? I say invite everyone over (ONLY IF THEY WEAR PJS) for a night filled with throw back Karaoke and maybe a sprinkle of Magic Mike. It will be a night to remember! Don’t forget to get a whole bunch or chocolates and chips.

The moral of the story is that you do not need a partner to have fun this Valentine’s Day. In fact, and I quote, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”. So get with your friends and get your Galentine’s on!

All the love,

Sock the walk x

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