My Secret To Good Skin

Picture this.

You picked a pimple. It had been bothering you for days, it was the centre of every photo, conversation, it was basically your other half. Yet you picked it,  and this  made the pimple angry. The pimple was planning on leaving eventually but to hurry it up like that… how rude! To prove a point, this pimple will come back mightier than ever, now what?

 To pick or not to pick? That is the question. I am no dermatologist, but I have heard it stressed at me enough times to say; picking pimples can leaves scars. Would you rather a 10 day pimple or 10 year one? I thought so. Lately, I have tried very hard to not pick my pimples but some times I can’t help it. What has helped me though was taking matters into my own hands (then putting it on my face and skin).

The key to amazing skin is routine. Four easy steps twice a day, everyday.


 Wake up the face with a splash of cold water, then directly start to clean. I like to use the Cetaphil cleanser from a pump whether I am washing my face in the shower or by the sink. I tend to have oily skin, so I purchase the normal to oily skin cleanser. Buy what is right for you, please do not purchase a certain  product because Kylie Jenner uses it. You are not Kylie Jenner. If you have dry skin and buy the oily product, who knows what horrible things can occur. I recommend going to you local pharmacy or drug store and asking if they know what skin type you are, and what products they recommend. The rest is up to you! Are you a gel, foam or powder type? The world is your oyster in the skin care world. Make sure to rinse it all off and then pat dry (do not be vicious to your skin)!


The minute you pat dry, tone it up. No I do not mean doing 30 squats, but tapping on that toner. Toner is a vital element to great skin care. I like to pat it on in certain places with a cotton pad, but do what makes you happy. Just remember that a little goes a long way. I like to use the Rose Water Toner from Fresh as a tap and a spray on the face to get a dewy face after all my makeup (if I wear it). Plus it smells like roses…who wouldn’t want that?!


Do you want to get that dewy glow? I have a secret for you…moisturizer. It is the key to feeling silky smooth all day, yet it also very helpful with this natural glow trend. I like to use Cetaphil moisturizer with an SPF since I tend to be prone to freckle and no extra oil. Again, like all of these products, look into what you are putting on your face.


Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. Many tend to forget to treat the skin besides whats on your face. I shower daily to make sure that my body feels and smells marvellous. I use the Santal 33 Shower gel by Lelabo and smoother my legs, arms and tummy with a light Lubriderm unscented lotion. Lately I have fallen in love with handcream. I reapply Santal 33 hand cream and L’Occitaine cream on the go to feel normal in the winter seasons.


  • Take off your makeup every single day. If you do not already do that and are wondering why so many pimples pop up on your face, that may be the main reason why.
  • Drink a lot of water. I drink 3+ bottles of water every day. Not only does it wake you up, but helps your skin look right. Thank god for water!
  •  Always have toner pads on the go.  After a workout, do not let your skin sweat all day. Instead wash your face, or if that is too much to ask, use cleanser pads. My personal favourites are Cetaphil.
  • Stress likes to bite you in the but not only emotionally but physically with pimples too. I recommend having some alone time every day and relax. Light a candle, have a bath, and reminisce about all the great times you have had.

All in all, skin care is one of the most important ways to take care of yourself. The skin you are in right now is the skin you will have for the rest of your life, so treat it with the care it deserves. This post was not sponsored by Cetaphil but looking back at it, I could picture how some may think that. I personally choose Cetaphil because it is purchased for me, is dermatologist recommended, and makes my skin glow.


Hope you enjoyed that! I was planning on doing a favourites post but all of them were skin care so I just shoved them into one. I am also planning on doing a little give away of some monthly favourites soon & was wondering if you would enjoy that. Comment, like, or give me a shout if that interests you!

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