Girl Crush: Françoise Hardy

If you know me,  you know how much I love Audrey Hepburn.

The way she so effortlessly talks, to her focus on social justice changed the way I looked at celebrities. She had style and grace, but she was much more then that. Audrey is my icon and definition of bravery. I have photos of Ms. Hepburn in my room, I was Holly Golightly for Halloween a couple years back, and do not get me started on her sense of style. Yet yesterday when I was scrolling around YouTube trying to find other french artists, besides Stromae, I found another flawless girl who struck me with her beauty and magnificent vocals.


Her name is Françoise Hardy.

Françoise was a french singer and actress from the 1960’s. She was in the films Un Grand Prix and Une Balle Au Coeur, but what she was recognized for globally was her sense of style. Hardy had and still has this au natural Parisienne look about her that screams little effort but always put together. I saw this picture and fell in love.


This look is everything. Françoise did not fear from patterns and pairing it with a turtle neck? Genius! Personally when I saw her pop up on YouTube, I did not focus on her looks but on the sweet sound of her song Tous les garçons et les filles. Her voice is soft and melodic with ways that can speak to anyone no matter the language. You know what?! It did a couple years back in the classic Wes Andersen film Moonrise Kingdom. When Suzy and Sam stripped on the beach near and started dancing, the song that set the mood was Le temps de l’amour by Françoise Hardy.


Suzy and I both know that there is something so intriguing about her whether it’s her style, voice, or shaggy bangs that still seem so chic. Maybe I am crazy,  but Hardy will forever be a  girl crush.

                     francoise_hardy_denim2     francoise

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