I Tried Living My Definition of a Perfect Day

When this year began I had a ton of ideas for New Years resolutions. I got together with my best friends to write down all of the rules I would like to live by and things I aspire to do in 2017. “A Perfect Day” was one of them. There is no such thing as perfection, that is a fact, but I wanted to achieve one day that was as closest to it as possible. For me, a perfect day does not mean flying to Bali and swimming in trays of pineapples. No. A perfect day for me is something out of the ordinary. A day like no other, yet tweaked a bit to my satisfaction. I am proud to say that I tried to achieve this idea of last Friday…here is how it went.¬†

#1: Take a shower, you filthy animal!!

For me the shower is my head space. It can lift me up and also bring me down, with the echoes of my horrid renditions of SexyBack. Never the less, I was correct. This was the perfect way to start my day.

#2: Lip Sync Really Hard In the Mirror

Thanks to Spotify and my hairbrush for making my second element of perfection possible. I’d also like to thank my second alarm clock for going off mid lip sync because I honestly could have been there for hours ( I was breaking a sweat).

#3: Make A Big Breakfast

Since I woke up early (look who didn’t procrastinate), I got to make a big breakfast. For the first time in a long time, on a week day, I felt full. A lovely treat. (I will attach the recipe soon for the best green smoothie ever!)

#4: Look Good ūüėČ

“Why not wear the same outfit from yesterday?”¬†Not today! I took the time and put in the effort to pick an outfit I feel confident in. No, it may not have been fancy, but to me jeans and a t-shirt are just as perfect.

#5: Find a puppy

I love dogs. As a dog owner, I know that merely petting my pet calms me down on a different level. Sadly, my dog was not there that morning so I found a way to resolve this matter….Tumblr.

       tumblr_o7845z1xa71u28y7po4_1280     tumblr_o7845z1xa71u28y7po3_1280

If that didn’t brighten your day…there is no hope for you.¬†I bet you the happiest people in the world have dogs as their lock screen.

 #6: Spread positivity 

When you are stuck in a school for 7 hours, it can be hard to spread positivity. You are constantly surrounded by the negativity of:

“UGH I hate….”, “Why do they teach here?!”, “How dare she give a test when I am up to my neck in work” & my personal favourite “Did you hear about the beef between…”.

The list goes on and on.

Instead of giving into these, I decided to give a compliment to everyone I said hi to in the halls. I would say things like, “Hi Ann, I like your shirt”. For some reason that little bit of positivity made my day but also theirs (I could tell by the instant blush). I also hushed my friends who were stressing out and they told me that I was their ‘therapist’ which made me laugh.

#7: Spend time with my best friend

Which I did. I am grateful for her to be in my life. Thank you for helping me dodge people and sticking with me through thick and thin (even though I can be a little bit much sometimes). But truthfully one of the reasons that this day was not perfection was because I did not get to spend a ton of time with my best friend and other friends. If I did, then life would have been complete.

#8: Drink a freak load of tea

Just because.

#9: Spend me time

I do not genuinely spend a lot of me time, so I did! I went downtown after school, took a stroll and came home to reading  a book. If that is not ideal then I do not know what is.

#10: Workout

By the time I got home I had been up and down for 8 hours. I was not having it. So no, I did not workout and I am proud of it. You do not always have to be a lean mean sweating machine. Instead, I ate some chocolate.

#11: Family Time

I did not get to spend much time with my family besides dinner. This made me sad, because that time is usually my favourite time of day :(.

What did I learn from this? 

I tried very hard for you guys to have a perfect day, and you know what?! It does not exist. I will not lie to you. Sure it was a good day, but no day is perfect! On my way home I realized that striving for a perfect day was out of the cards. I found myself throughout my day saying, “No this cannot be happening this is my perfect day” Stuff will bring you down and the unexpected will happen, you cannot control everything in life. The issue is not what happens, but how you treat the matter. Do you let it bring you down? Ruin your day? HELL NO! But it is also okay to admit that your day was not great…because it does not always have to be.


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