New Year, New Moves

Happy New Year!

     Who can believe it is 2017 already?! For the past few years, my new years resolution has been to feel confident in my skin and start working out. Last year, was the first year that this has happened. Why? In 2016, I found fun ways to incorporate at home workouts to my daily schedule. With these 12 moves, you too can kick your new years resolution in the booty!!  You will not need any equipment except for a timer of some sort and a nice comfy mat (no injuries here!)

#1: Flutter Kicks

These simple kicks are great for the lower ab pooch and are really tough! Start by laying on your back on a comfortable mat. Then, slide your hands underneath your hip bones. You are now ready to start! Start by lifting both legs off the ground at an 45 degree angle and be gin kicking gently. 1 Rep total which means 50 flutter kicks (Or 25 per leg)

*15 second break*

#2: Mountain Climbers

Works: Abs, Glutes, hip flexors, ham strings

Start in a plank position. Now when you exhale, bring your right knee in towards your hands, and when you inhale extend the leg back to plank. Repeat as many times as you can for 45 seconds.

*15 second break*

#3: Seated Windmills

Works: Abs, obliques

Lean back, from a seated position, onto your elbows keeping the head/neck/shoulders lifted. lift legs straight up over your hips. Inhale as you lower legs to right obliques. Exhale as you lift your leg back up to starting position and repeat on other side. Do as many reps as possible in 45 seconds.

*15 Second Break*

#4: Plié Hops

Works: Quads, Glutes

Start in a low wide plie position with your knees facing in your feet direction, chest opened wide. Press into a mini jump and land softly. Repeat 50 times

*15 Second break*

#5: Lunges for 45 seconds

*15 second break*

#6: Side Plank (for 1 minute)

*15 second break*

#7: Role Ups

Works: Core

Lie down on your back, bring arms above the head and legs in front. Scoop the belly in as you exhale and peel your back off the mat slowly. Simultaneously lift your arms up. Come to sitting position and inhale, tuck your chin in and lower with control to the start. Do so 30 times.

#8: Low Lunge Pulse

Works: quads, glutes

Step right foot out in front, bending at the knee, back leg extended long behind you. Bend and straighten your back leg to feel a stretch while trying not to move your head and keeping your front leg strong. Repeat on same leg for 45 seconds ( do second round after 15 second break)

*15 second break*

#9: Push Ups

#10: Hopping on a single leg for 45 seconds. Switch legs and repeat

*15 second break*

#11: Donkey kicks

(working that booty!!!)

Take a 30 second break and than redo the workout 3 times through!

Now go give yourself a pat on the back, and reward yourself with a big glass of water!

I hope you enjoyed this workout and comment down below some suggestions/ how you found each move! This is the first time I have done a fitness post and I would love to do more in the future if you guys like them! Just a disclaimer that I am not a licensed fitness instructor, this is not certified to work for everyone and make you fit instantly, but  it is just something that I do for fun. If you the workout gets too tough, do not beat yourself up but instead take a break that you deserve.

Good luck and congrats on a new you!






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