Sock The Walk’s Christmas Message

Today is the Day. The day where boys and girls far and wide rush downstairs to find Santa’s special treat. Yet often people seem to loose sight of what Christmas is all about.

It should be the day where you cherish each moment with your family as if it were your last. Indulge in laughter and a slice of decadent cake. A day where you appreciate all you have and take for granted. A day where you realize that others may not have what you are offered, maybe they do not have a family of their own. I hope that today you are living through your own eyes instead of a screen. I hope that you take what you have been given and give back to others in need. And for God’s sake, I hope you leave this post right now to tell someone you are thankful for them.

Today is Christmas. The one time of the year. Let’s end this with a bang! So Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!

Sock The Walk

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