Update: J’ai Des Lunettes!

“I can finally see!”

Most people have this moment in their lives. You may be thinking “No one has glasses!” yet  75% of the American adult population have some sort of sight impairment. The funny thing is you never realize how many people have glasses until you get them yourself. From hipsters to tricksters, the list goes on!

As a child I always wanted glasses. Both my parents had them, so check ups to the eye doctor were quite frequent. Each time I’d step in the office and glance at the gorgeous glasses my mouth would drool. I loved each pair. I’d try them on and say, “Oh yes Mum when I get glasses these are the ones for me”, whilst taking a million mirror selfies (this only happened for the past 3 years). Each time my mum would not hesitate to say her golden line. “Trust me, do not wish for glasses” But did I ever wish for them! Each time I’d go to the eye clinic, I’d tell my friends, “Today may be the day!” Until, it was. I never expected it would happen but, boy did it happen. The first time I put on glasses I felt like my childhood dream came true. That lasted for 5 minutes. After soon realizing the pain and pimples that came from heavy frames on my face, I realized that maybe my mum was right…again.

Yet don’t get me wrong, there have been many pros of getting spectacles. Such as going to school and everyone thinking they are fake, and most of all; the ability to switch up my look per emotions.

The day I got glasses, I decided it would be a good idea to order some in the mail from Hong Kong without even knowing what they would look like on me. After a month of forgetting about them, they arrived and made me feel as if Christmas came a few weeks early! To my surprise, they fit perfectly.  I now have two amazing pairs of glasses!

Happy Socking Sunday to all of my four eyes out there! Sorry about this post but it is just a basic life update before the holidays. Don’t forget to like and comment down below what pair you like the most. Are you team tortoise or Harry Potter?


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