Last Minute Holiday Gifts


We have all had this feeling, well maybe not to that extent. Nevertheless, the holiday season can bring out the food, the good, the bad, and the straight up ugly in people. When it nears the Christmas season, a mental break down can happen from a simple candy cane breaking to the store not having what you based an ENTIRE present around. This year repeat after me: I will have everything under control. No, I am not talking nonsense, yet I will help you find gifts for any one and everyone with this list below. Christmas this year = Winning with Sock The Walk! 

For the: Health-Nut

  1. Oh She Glows Cookbook (a must this holiday season)
  2. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (for the cardio lover) 
  3. Make your own Kombucha kit!! (great for the latest health craze)




For the: Chef

  1. Spiral Ninja (for the lazy chef in us all)
  2. A cute cow milk boat (great for tea)
  3. A Magic Bullet!!! (a.k.a a must for all kitchens)

ed732a7419546ff9e196675f49343df1.jpg     E005316_H01_A_2.jpg       0829486831607_main.jpeg

For The: Fashionista

  1. Harper’s Bazaar book of Models (To help them recreate iconic moments for Instagram)
  2. Earmuffs (to channel your inner Chanel #3)
  3. Puma Slides (fashion has never been so comfortable)
  4. Crab purse

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For The: Holiday Lover

  1. She & Him on Vinyl (to keep the festivities long after Christmas day)
  2. Moose Glass (For all the Christmas Vacation lovers out there this glass will be “Mighty fine, Clark”)
  3. A puny Christmas card 

170x170bb.jpg     christmas-vacation-glass-moose-mug-front-500-web        7510427-1-multi.jpeg

For The: Old-Soul

  1. A Retro styled camera 
  2. Nobody But Me- Michael Bublé (oh how I love MB)
  3. Le Labo perfume pack 



For The:  Beauty Lover

  1. A year subscription to Sephora Play (“it’s the gift that keeps on giving”)
  2. Glossier Pack (for the natural beauty)
  3. Josie Maran Argan oil (for a relaxing moisture after a long hard day)

play_about_itsplaytime_image    p2s_carousel_01-compressor


No matter what, just know that the Holiday season is not about presents or who wore what, it is about spending time with the people you love and cherishing every moment.

Happy Holidays to all and Happy shopping!


By Sock the Walk

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