10 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

It is now that time of year. It is now fully acceptable to get into the Holiday Spirit *yay!*

To get you into the holiday spirit before it is too late, I made a list for 10 different ways to get into the holiday spirit. Shall we?

#1. Love Actually


A movie with Hugh Grant & Colin Firth? A match made in holiday heaven!! A movie featuring over 5 different love stories all wrapped around the holiday season?! If that doesn’t get you in the mood I do not know what will.

#2: Hot Chocolate

Nothing screams festive to me more than a cup of hot chocolate which is a perfect treat for a day of…

#3: Skating!

A workout and way to socialize all in one.

#4: Candy Cane Ice cream


Need I say more?

#5: Justin Bieber’s Holiday Album


I stand by my opinion. This is the best album Justin has ever made. With a rap twist on Drummer Boy, and the sweet acapella melodies of Falalala, this album is sent straight from the heavens

#6: Beyoncé’s new Holiday Line

Lemonade + Sleigh Bells= This new feature on Shop.beyonce.com


#7: Downton Abbey Christmas Episodes


They can always muster up some season finale drama on Downton Abbey. (Oh how I miss it so much!)

#8: Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

#9: Helping out at your local homeless shelter, recreation center, or in any way to make someones holiday season a good one

Each year, I help pack toys at my local center to send out to families who could not afford for any presents/ a proper Christmas. It is a truly magical feeling to know that on Christmas morning the family will be ripping open the present that you chose, full of joy that they got the miracle everyone deserves.

#10: Watching a Santa Parade

I’d recommend watching the Toronto Santa Parade!


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