What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup

I never loved makeup.

For a short period of time I was obsessed with the idea of cut crease perfection, yet that vision was very short lived for a few reasons.

a) I am not artistic at all and found anger in trying to be something I am not

b) I never realized how much makeup it takes to make Instagram perfection

c) I felt different.

That feeling never left. When I gave up the idea of perfection and decided to just “tweak”, I realized that when I focused on the little things (like a pimple) Id end up concealing my entire face. On October 15th, I woke up and something changed. On the morning of the 15th I stumbled to the washroom in my onesie and looked at my self in the mirror. I saw a face full of pimple cream and bed head, yet could not stop smiling. I loved the way I looked. I was happy for the first time in a long time with the reflection that I saw smiling back. In that moment, I decided that November would be the month; the no makeup month. So without further ado this is:

What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup.

#1: I am at peace with my freckles. Before this, freckles were just a part of my life. They were there and I could not change a thing about them. Now, I wake up every morning loving the unique dots on my skin!

#2: Moisturizer is a must and is better than any dewy foundation

#3:My getting ready routine has been cut in half! Before this I would just put on mascara and a bit of concealer, yet between pauses and jamming sessions to getting ready tunes, this routine would take me 15 minutes. Now, it takes two.

#4: I promise you, no one will judge you if you go natural. One of my biggest fears going in to this was the idea that no one would talk to me if I wore zero makeup. The truth is, no one cared. I did not receive one comment of negativity towards my choice, and that is because you are in control of your own body, decisions, and who you are.

#5: Everyone is beautiful. I used to focus on sharp contours and a popping highlight, but now when I gaze in someones direction, I end up realizing how beautiful they are underneath it all. The eyes, dimples, smile. Because not one person is the same, and I love it!

#6:You should never feel forced to wear makeup because of other opinions. I never realized how heavily I was influenced by the opinions of others. I was afraid that someone would say something behind my back when truly, it is none of my business what other people say about me. So hey, why focus on it right?!

#7: Have fun with your makeup! Switch it up & show your true colours

#8: When I didn’t wear makeup, I realized how many excuses I made to “feel forced” to wear it (dinner outings, seeing someone important, work, etc)

#9: When you do not cover blemishes, they heal 100 times faster. This is a no brainer I just did not take the time to believe it was real

#10: Maybe the most important lesson of all: Nobody is perfect. I learned to not believe in perfection. I used to sit for 10 minutes trying to cover a single pimple, when it would rub off in 20 minutes. Why? I thought that my face had to always look ready to go. Here is a secret I am going to tell you….no one can always look camera ready, not even Kendall Jenner *gasp* *cries* *faints*. I know, shocking really. Yet it is true. Every one has an off day emotionally and physically.


Happy Sockin Sunday!!

This was a month in the making and it may have been the most liberating month  of my life. I will continue this lifestyle (yet I will not make it a year round plan). If you are thinking about doing this/ have any inkling at all…I’d say do it!

I would also just like to say: Every single one of you are beautiful. You, behind the screen reading these very words, yeah you are one sexy person! And you are amazing no matter what! Personally, makeup never made me happy, but if it makes you happy, have a blast with it! Express yourself and show the world all you have to offer. Be you. Be confident. Be socking!

All the love,


By Sock the Walk

You can talk the talk but can you sock the walk? Feel free to join this amazing community & follow//sockthewalk@gmail.com//

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