How to Survive Campus Day

It’s that time of year again. 

The time where you all you can see are signs to go to the university campus tours. You’ve always looked at those and thought “this does not apply to me” “I have nothing to worry about”. But this year, you do. 

For some, you may be a mother, daughter, sister, father, brother, uncle….(none of the less) SOMEONE who has realized they need to attend these wonderful days. To that, I can relate. For me, I have over 5 university campuses I would like to look at (in my city alone) before I make the final call about my future. This weekend, I attended my very first campus tour and I was in shock of the hundreds (and maybe thousand) of people attending this short session. If you are in the  same boat and nervous about what is to come, do not fret. To quote High School Musical, “We’re all in this together”, so sit back, relax, & enjoy my tips on how to survive campus day. 

#1: Avoid the topic of the Presidential Election

No one wants to hear you quote Donald Trump, and trust me it does not make the best first impression.

 #2: Dress in layers

It is nearing winter soon, so do not kid yourself and bring a sweater along with your coat. All I can say is dress appropriately.

#3: Pick up any brochure that they hand you (any one!)

#4: Don’t be shy! These other students may be your new peers, so do not stay attached at the hip to your family, go out there and have fun

#5: Dear parents, 

Please let your child take control of the situation. This part of their life is valid to building independence, trust, and courage. Help them by letting your child have a chance to ask the universities the questions they want to  and also let them look at the courses they want. Forcing your child to do something they hate is not a favour. Let them live their own life, and be free. 

#6: Eat the free food 

It’s there for a reason

#6.5….. but do not eat all of the free food because there are others who may want some as well 

#7: Come prepared with some questions

There will be over 300 other eager students there, so make your time count. Come with a series of questions that will leave you satisfied and not coming home saying, “I wish I asked….”There is no such thing as a dumb question. Even if you were wondering something not too important, ask away! The students are there to answer all of your questions and trust me you will not seem annoying if you ask proper questions. 

#8: Go in with an open mind

If your heart is set on one place and one place only, you will not enjoy visiting anywhere else. Keep an open mind and you may be surprised. 

#9: Don’t worry be happy

This should be exciting, not nerve-wracking! It’s the start of something new. Soak up the good vibes and have fun!


All in all just go out there, be yourself, and see if the school is the right fit for you. Happy sockin’ Sunday  to all of my readers out there. And to all the fellow worries….trust me, life will be splendid. x

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