The Bigger The Better

         The 2000’s were known for skin tight branded tops, extra skinny low ride jeans, and accessories galore. What a match that is! Fast forward ten years, where wearing a matching two pieced sweat suit is the definition of fashion. How could so much change in so little time?! The industry gave up pushing stereotypes, social norms, and finally asked: “what does the public want?!” The answer was simple… to feel as cozy as if they were in bed all day. Voila! The oversized baby was born. As much as I wish this were correct, the oversized trend did not come out of no where. We originally started seeing signs of the trend on the catwalks of 2012/2013. Who would have known that in 2016 they would be on runways of Vetments and Alexander Wang?! 


      If we want to hit the books about the oversized trend, it was truly cultivated in the 1920’s. In the post war-era, the world became a “place of the future”. Women dropped their corsets and cobble skirts, to begin dressing “like men”. One of the most influential brands of this transition was Chanel. Coco helped society “C.C . the World” as it is today. The funny thing is that the rise in the 20’s and 2016 are not too different. Much like the 1920’s, womens fashion in 2016 is beginning to accept change again. In the 2000’s, fashion was all about the smaller the sexier, while plus sized women were left with no options. In merely 16 years, the world has led to accept everyone for who they are; gay, lesbian, a-sexual, transgender, bisexual, man , woman, other, & they all are beginning to fully belong. What a fantastic thing! Instead of a war with bullets, 2016 was the end of a much stronger war; a war of equality. In both these eras, they seemed to celebrate by re writing fashion to be oversized. The oversized fashion not only demonstrates comfort yet courage, simplicity, yet opportunity to be who you please.

        For all you up and coming generation z’s, do not fret, the oversized trend is forecasted to stay this season. That being said it is time to jam your closet with another shopping spree (oh what a pity). Next time you hit, ditch the skin tight skinny jeans, and go for the pastel men’s sweat shirt & think… Coco made me do it! blog-too-many-clothes-and-not-enough-fashion-hoodie-runway.jpg


Happy Halloween! I have not done a rant/informative history post in a long while, so I thought why not revisit this bad boy?! I am so passionate about this post and hope that you are too. I am sorry if it is a bit out there of a connection but hey why not?! Hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween weekend! I will hopefully do a post soon on modelling (if requested) comment down below what you would like to know!

All the love,


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