Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is soon approaching. I repeat Halloween is approaching. As a lover of all things Tim Burton and Candy Corn, this year I found I forgot about Halloween. It may be the fact that I am getting older, no longer the young whippersnapper I was, but Halloween should be a time of celebration for everyone. Then it hit me. 

What will I be for Halloween?!

As I was tossing and turning over this very idea, I thought…maybe others are having this very same problem. So instead of helping myself, this year I have decided to make a last-minute Halloween costume idea post. All of these costumes are easy to make (no glue or actual work included) and no one else will have the same costume as you (which is a win in the land of bunnies and cats).


🎃Last- Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2016🎃

#1: Kendall Jenner 


From gracing the covers of vogue all around the globe, to encouraging millenniums to get in and vote, Kendall Jenner has to be one of the most influential models of our time. With her grace and hilarious unexpected comments, who wouldn’t want to be best friends with Kendall Jenner?! For this costume pair either white sneakers, thigh high boots, or patent leather booties with some black leggings and a halter top (or black top with a choker). Then simply throw on a hat and some aviators and you are good to go! If it is extra chilly, bring a bomber jacket or a leather jacket to get that simple model off duty look. 

#2: Bad Sandy


If there is anything that you should know about me know this; Grease is my favourite movie of all time. I have watched this fine piece of art hundreds upon thousands of times and I truly can never get over the final scene. The release of bad sandy has always been  so cool to me so I thought why not try the legendary wanna be pink lady?! For this costume simply find a pair of leggings (high-waisted and shinier the better!), a belt, an off the shoulder black top, and a pair of heels. Protect your bare shoulders with a motto jacket and pucker up with a bright red lip. 

#3: Coraline


Besides Grease, Coraline has always had a special place in my heart that I simply cannot explain. For the button-eyed girl, pair blue jeans, rain boots and a rain jacket…voila! You have Coraline Jones. If you would like to go FULL OUT, slide on a pair of orange gloves, carry around a key (or doll), and never forget the blue hair!

#4: Skeleton Jack


“…and I Jack ,the pumpkin king, am growing tired of the same old thing”

Are you a lover of Halloween? Are you a lover of Christmas? Mix them together and there you have it; Skeleton Jack. The main character from The Nightmare Before Christmas is ready for the next holiday, just like you. If you love Danny Elfman and Tim Burton , find a striped jacket, some tall black socks, a white button down, a printable spider bow tie, and you are automatically transported from being a boring old skeleton to one with pizzazz. 

No matter what you dress up as, just who you want to be. Please have a happy and safe Halloween!

All the love,


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