Unboxing: Kode With Klossy Box!

If you have been following along on my blogging journey, then you would know my adoration for Karlie Kloss

Not only is she a long-legged beauty who graces the runway on the daily, but she has this essence of genuine that no other super model out there has. Karlie cares for others, in a way I have never seen in the industry before. She truly is super. Karlie found a love for computer coding last year. After discovering these wonders, it was plain to see that there is a lack of women in the fast growing field. Karlie decided to take it upon herself by creating a program for teenage girls to Kode with Klossy; a two-week program to teach the ins-and-outs of the computer programming world to these girls all over the globe while using creative techniques (such as creating an invitation to the Met Gala). 

A few months back I raved about starting to code in my post Girl-Code . Even though I 100% agree with everything I said, I found myself often forgetting to code until it was not a part of my daily routine. Then my box came. This box arrived at the perfect time. Right as I was stressing for school, coding calmed me down and I felt free again. 

Here is a video of the contents of the box…. enjoy!

(thanks to fanjoy.co and karlie again!)

Stay Klossy!

Hey guys! 

Thanks so much for the view. I loved making this video and would love to make more. If anyone would like to collaborate email me at sockthewalk@gmail.com or comment down below.



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