New Harry or Another Man?

When Harry posts 3 blank posts in a row, we all know that the internet is about to be broken…


For the past few weeks, there have been countless fashion shows, from New York to Paris, yet in the about 50 seconds, all eyes seemed to have drifted off the runway. Goodbye Vogue, all of our eyes are tied to Mr.Harry Styles *que screaming fan girls* After the “hiatus” of the beloved band One Direction, all 5 members have shocked the world pretty hard. Zayn is doing well with Gigi Hadid, Niall has a newly released song called: This Town, and Liam and Louis nowhere to be seen. Yet Harry Styles has always been the center of  attention during the hiatus with his new acting career, and new hair do that he chopped to donate to cancer. The funny thing is, with all the mysterious things Mr. Styles does, no one could have expected his appearance in the latest issue of Another Man Magazine.

Last week, the issue was released and the fandom did not know how to cope. Harry released the three covers of Another Man over his Instagram account and immediately every copy was sold out in under 24 hours.  Why was this such a big deal? The looks of the whole issue are based around Mick Jagger, Harry’s idol. Even though he is trying to channel his inner rock  & roll rebel, there is still that charm One Direction charm in every photograph. The different focuses of the photos varied from a white back drops to a small British towns, yet they still came together perfectly. The magazine starts with pictures of Harry’s long locks, then proceeds to show him with a choppy hair do, and ends with his current look. 

The issue may have dwindled our hopes of One Direction ever reuniting, yet something way made pretty clear; Harry has modelling in his DNA. From countless 1D photo shoots, one could imagine Harry would have posing down to a fine art, yet no one could have ever expected him to have mastered it! Styles looked like he was fresh off the plane from Paris Fashion Week 2017. If the artist-turned-actor has never thought about modelling, he better give it a chance now.

No matter what, we can all say that at least this issue gave us hope that Harry is not going anywhere any time soon. Do you think solo Harry should add modelling to his career? Or do you think he should focus strictly on making an album? 

All the love,


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