Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Kardashian memes + Politics + Fashion Week + Apparel = Urban Sophistication


I am a lover of puns. To most of the population, puns about the Kardashians may not be their sense of humour, yet that (sadly) is me. I jump for joy when someone makes a witty pun about Kanye West. So, inevitably, when I came across Urban Sophistication I fell in love. From their apparel of Kimye references and oversized inspired pop culture band tees, this brand is catching eyes of the Kardashians, Scott Disick, and the Hadid’s. With such fame and pop culture references it is no wonder that Urban Sophistication was created by an 18 and 20 year old brother sister duo (that just inspires me!). Urban Sophistication should be the only online shop on your shopping list, from bombers to Lemonade tees, they got you covered for the rest of 2016 and beyond! If that isn’t enough, this year they had their very own fashion show at New York Fashion Week 2016.  This is by all means not a sponsored post, this is just my love for a brand that I feel needs a lil bit of recognition (even though I am pretty sure being mentioned in Vogue is enough)


Pretend you are at fashion Week crew with the bomber or a Kardashian in the Kris tee!


You can purchase all these and more at: Urban Sophistication


Happy Sockin’ Sunday! 

I hope you enjoyed this type of post! I’d love to do more of these whats in my cart type ones. I utterly love this boutique (even though I have not created a purchase yet). They have a reasonable price, and it is always good to represent a few fellow teens. Thank you so much for the amazing activity lately, you guys are the coolest! And I hope you follow for more!


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