New York Fashion Week Recap

September may be the most fashionable time of the year. From Vogue to the possibilities of fall, September is the prime month of fashion. Wait…I’m missing something. FASHION MONTH! Yes, you heard it right, September is buzzing with runways from coast to coast. This fashion month I will be recap-ing each week in style, colours, and street style, with a show of focus per day of the week. This past week was finale mark of New York Fashion Week, the kick off of the month.

In this recap I will be viewing  the shows of: Yeezy Season 4 (sept. 7th) , Desigual (sept. 8th)  , Alexander Wang (sept. 10th), Victoria Beckham (sept. 11th) So put on your roses coloured glasses, and let’s transport to the world of Fashion.



If the show taught me one thing, it was to stay hydrated in the summer heat. Especially when wearing a winter coat. With celebrity models, and monochromatic looks back in the game, the outfits from Yeezy Season 4 were not shockingly less Kanye. Kanye came and delivered the looks we loved, yet with a twist. More black looks, with his same amount of peach tones. The new edition included winter jackets, leggings, oversized sweaters, and big boots that were all in favor that the 90’s trend is here to stay. The models were not so pleased with Kanye, since on the date of the show it was 85 DEGREES. Several models passed out during the show and were handed water bottles to keep going.

(It’s okay though because no one could ever beat Bella Hadid’s fall and amazing catch in the Micheal Kors show…what a pro!) 


Among these models, there were professionals who seemed to be able to deal with the heat of Yeezy. Models including : Chanel Iman and Teyana Taylor and a Malia Obama doppleganger (seriously freaky). Overall, the day had some very wearable looks that I adore, yet the show was not a complete success for poor Kanye. 



This may have been the most iconic show so far. No, there were no falls, but for all you snap chat lovers it was paradise. The clothes were fresh and fun , with a variety of shades and even some embroidered numbers too, yet the star of the show was the makeup. Each model, was dressed as an iconic snap chat filter. From the puppy, the bee, to everything in between they had it all! This was a perfect marketing twist for the brand to aim to a younger audience. Well done Desigual! Now all we have to do is look forward to denim and sheers for this upcoming spring.




The Alexander Wang and Adidas show gave the public a sigh of relief. The silk pyjama trend is here to stay *que clapping*! The comfy chic looks were worn by top models such as Kendall Jenner and Taylor Hill. The looks pieces all seemed effortlessly easy to pair with still showing your wild side (tie up crop tops). Bow down to you Alexander Wang! You have (yet again) stunned us with your talent. 



“This dress is dry clean only, Melanie”- Posh Spice

Spice World

There can only be the best for miss Posh Spice, and her collection sure did show that. Victoria had a slew of celebrities attend her show in New York, and she sure did not let them down. Victoria’s collection brought something so unlike her to the table….colour! *gasps* The classic look was updated with wild and crazy velvet dresses that scream subtle statements. While most were focusing on the mauve day dream dresses, I was noticing the adorable wellies that VB paired with her boxy dresses. An ideal nod to 90’s Kate Moss, well played indeed. 

Hey friends:)  I hope you enjoyed my first Fashion month recap! Are you most excited for velour or the return of pjs? 

we shall see if any other top designers in LDN, PARIS, & MIL can compete! 



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