Trendy Transitions From Summer To Fall

As the leaves seem to darken, and cool drinks fly off the menus, the joys of summer seem to fade until all one can focus on is fall. Fall is a magical time that lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. Fall is the most versatile time in the fashion industry, one day a dress and the next a turtle neck, yet for some the big change from the scorching hot days of summer can affect everything. Most importantly, their wardrobe. Society tends to spend a ton on the “new fashion trend of the summer” that when it seems to slip away, so does the hard-earned money spent on a fad. I am here to help with that. Come under my wing sockers, and I will show you how the hottest trends of the summer can indeed be placed into your fall/winter wardrobe. 

The slip dress was a summer favourite with admires from Kendall Jenner to the lovers of Rachel Green’s most iconic outfits. Instead of packing this silk magnet away, try pairing it on top of a white turtle neck to create a versatile yet monochromatic look. 

The simple oversized band tee seemed to rule the model off duty vibe of summer sixteen. Let’s not forget our Bonjovi tees, and pair them with some rocker leather pants and docs instead of the summer leggings. To add some extra comfort, and a statement, I paired this look with a super unique fuzz ball of a coat!


Who could have guessed that patches would be the ruler of the summer? The transition from summer to fall with this iconic look is simple. Jeans, jeans, oh and jean…jackets! Purchase patches off eBay, and DIY some pants that could use a little boost.


Yeezy started it all. From Beyoncé to Alexa Chung, the simple look of being athletic was buzzing in the heat of 2016. In todays Yeezy Season 4 Show, I learned that you do not have to give this chic comfort up! Pair some high-waisted leggings with a long sleeve crop top, to protect your tummy from the cold! Yet if you do feel a bit chilly, slide on your favourite athleisure jumper. And of course, no look of 2016 is complete without white shoes. 


 Happy Sockin Wednesday!
Hope you all enjoyed this post because I had tons of fun making it (I’d love to do more)! Thanks to the (amazing) Downton Abbey Facebook fan page, my stats have been better then ever…over 400 Facebook shares!! I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone sticking around with me. And to all you newbies…welcome & stick around 😉

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