Remembering Lizzie McGuire

Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s was the prime time for down right hilarious Disney shows. With the intensity of Kim Possible, and the sass of Hannah Montana & That’s So Raven, it was hard to never turn the TV off! Yet there was one particular show that stood out from the rest ; Lizzie McGuire.Lizzie was the ultimate everyday middle schooler that we all could relate to, with her crimped hair,side kick best friends, and insanely annoying younger brother, the admiration for this quirky tween was beyond compare. Not to mention that her style was iconic to everyone! Hillary Duff simply climbed into the hearts of families all across America! Since it is back to school time for most students, I thought I would ease the pain with a little nostalgia… So here is Remembering Lizzie McGuire







(BTS NOTE: **You may be angry on the first week of school. Just the idea of waking up at 7am instead of 11am makes me shiver. Yet trust me…we’re all in this together *high school musical moment*! Even though you may be screaming at this very moment, “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT MOM I DONT NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL IM GOING TO DJ”, just think about it for a second. There is absolutely no need to take out every inch of your anger on your parents. When you come home, do you want it to be a happy atmosphere or one full of rage? Try being in your parents shoes! Instead of sheading the blame, get some proper sleep, have a positive outlook on school,and in no time your schedule will be in tip top shape!***)



High school may be portrayed as just one awkward moment, yet those will be the best times of your life! Be who you are and never let anyone change you! Because one day, you will blossom into your true Hillary-Duff-self.


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