Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

*Automatically imagines the man throwing around a rubber chicken in New York*


Love Yourself, Accept Yourself. Now before you pin this man as just another crazy in New York City, think about this ; may he actually have a point? In the culture of the 21st century, we have found some weird ways to love ourselves, from taking selfies to being this guy. Yet not all of us can be as confident in ourselves as Kylie Jenner. Not even Kylie is.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think of parts that you would like to change. Maybe you would want to change your eyebrows (because you over plucked them back in the 90’s), or you would want to be less “clingy” (because the magazines say “no men want a girl who is clingy”). Are these your faults or your strengths?  Maybe you love your laugh, or your height, but you cannot find self love unless you accept every part of who you are. Because no one can be you, who ever is reading this post, there is no body else as crazy, as fun, as original , as  you out there! You may be thinking , “pff yeah right there are many people richer and smarter then I am”. Well I cannot persuade you from that. From a very young age, when I would cry over the fact how Becky was smarter then me, my mum would pull me aside and say , “There will be people in this world who are smarter, richer, and more successful then you. There will also be people who are not as fortunate as you, will not have the same opportunities,and will not have the money that you have. All you have to do is own who you are and what you have.”

Some times, your biggest weaknesses are what others are pining for. For example, I used to hate how tall I am. I used to wish I was at least 5’7, but when I told this to my friends they instantly said how they wished they were as tall as I am. It’s funny how we never want to be like ourselves. It’s time for that to change Next time you do a mental list of all of your faults, think of how different you would be without them. Without your clinginess or sense of humour, you would not be yourself. Maybe you could tweak somethings, yet you truly would not be the same person standing and gazing into the mirror. Own what you have, and never change yourself for the means of somebody else. 

Love yourself, accept yourself.


Hey Guys!

Today was just a mental note, something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I do not want to sound too preachy, but you need to know just how beautiful and unique you are. All my viewers mean so much to me and I am so happy you have given me a chance. I am so thankful for over 3,200 views!! It makes me so happy. Please like, comment, and follow for more.

All the love,


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