Summer Faves ’16

Happy Sockin’ Sunday guys! I hope your Sunday is as exciting as you expected it to be…Sunday may be over looked from time to time, Sunday is seen as the one day a week where it is too close for comfort to the responsibilities of Monday. This is the perfect description of August. The whole month of August is summed up by over thinking the time left of the ability to soak up the sun and sleep in until 1 all in the same day. Sadly, it is nearly time to wake up for September, and I cannot wake you up when September ends. *is the bearer of bad news 24/7*

Now let’s make a pact to embrace the last few days of August by doing a favourites list. This list is like no other. This list is of the entire 2 months that was summer sixteen…(god damn it Drake why did you have to make the summer harder to let go?!)

♥Summer Favourites♥

#1: Downton Abbey


If you know me, then you know that for the past 2 months I have been un able to stop watching Downton Abbey. I am that one fan who becomes so obsessed and makes the theme song their ring tone….I am that person. If you have not even given Downton a try, go on Netflix and start living life! Trust me the drama, tears, emotions that I cannot express is worth the 50 minute episodes!

#2: Burberry Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pen


I am a 5 minute face type of girl. My daily routine consists of spectro gel, toner, moisturizer, mascara, and that’s it! Yet if I’m feeling up to it, or want to make an effort, I like to have one solid eye colour. For quite a while now, I have been dyeing to try the Burberry Sculpt & Contour Eye Colour in Pale Copper, and I finally bought it! To my surprise it was only $33 CAD. It is so easy to put on for makeup newbies like me, and is quite affordable for the pigmented, non creasing, waterproof colour that lasts up to twenty-four hours.


Purchase here

#3: Dresses

When you have long legs and not the exact amount of confidence with them…you decide to boycott the whole idea of short-shorts. I used to be self-conscious about my length, that is not the case anymore, because I found something that flatter me; dresses.My summer wardrobe consists of approximately 6 dresses that I love. I rotate them when I can and style them in new and un expected ways like a t-shirt under a spaghetti strap, a scarf as a belt, and really what ever I am feeling that day! Down below, I am modelling 3 of my go-tos for the summer.


#1: Large Tie Up Dress From Abercrombie ($10)
#2: 90’s Vintage Long Dress
#3: Vintage 90’s Lacoste T-Shirt Dress

#4: My puzzle piece slip on Vans and my black Gap slips

We all know that I love socks, but summer time calls for heat and humidity; two things that socks are not fantastic with. Instead of wearing black booties 24/7 (sadly) I wear a lot of slip on shoes. I have an array of slips from good old Birkenstocks to Sperries, yet my go-tos are always the Vans styled slip ons. My favourites are these two pairs from Vans and the Gap. Both of these are quite different, but give the same versatility to any outfit.

#5: Coding


From being noticed by Karlie Kloss to creating a website, I have learned the wonders of coding merely in 2 months! I am so fortunate to have found Free Code, a website that accommodates to you without any cost of a coding class! FreeCodeCamp is amazing in the way that it gives the opportunity to others who may not have the money to code, and in the end every coder helps a non-profit organization…it’s merely fantastic!

Free Code Camp

#6: Polaroid Cube +


Who wants to pay 500$ when they can buy the exact same go pro-esque camera for only 100$?! My thoughts exactly. At the beginning of the summer, I bought the Polaroid Cube + to take videos for Bestival, my trip to BC, and to just film the moments that count. For just 100 dollars, this cube has a high power battery life and magnet that can endure up to 80 km/h, an IOS and android app to see what the camera is filming, and it also comes with a sim card in the package. Since summer is not nearly over yet, I will be doing an end of summer film all with footage from my Cube +

Purchase here

#7: Music!!

Lazy Dayz Playlist

With over 1,000 songs on my iPod, one could say that I am a music aficionado. I listen to everything from pop to rock with an array of artists from the past few decades. Usually, in the summer I love upbeat music, yet this summer I was really into Folk swell as the generic “summer” tunes. If you were following along with my Spotify playlists, SSP & Lazy Dayz Playlist, you’d know how I fell in love with James Bay, the Eagles, Rod Stewart, Ellie Goulding, and of course the iconic One Direction was always playing on repeat. When thinking back on the amazing few months I have had, I automatically think of jamming in the car with my mum…find those moments and cherish them. Because those moments when you just let your hair down, are the moments that the summer is all about.

#8: Silk Scarves

For all you old souls out there this is the trend for you. From right off the Parisienne streets, and into the lives of the average american, I could have never imagined a trend of silk scarves coming back in style. I am a lover of how elegant a simple silk scarf can make any outfit. From using it to protect the rain, as a headband, as a neck piece, to even tie-ing it around your purse, this trend is versatile and can make you feel like your off the set of breakfast at Tiffany’s! A double win for anyone like me.

I hope you enjoyed my first EVER post about favourites! I know the summer is not quite over yet, so who knows…I may tweak this post a few times.

Like and comment down below if you have any comments or recommendations. And if you are new here… welcome to the sock clan! Stick around and subscribe for more

Stay Sockin’



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