Did LED Teeth Whitening LEaD Me On?

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“I’m blinded by the light!” 

*takes flash light*

“I wonder if this will work as one of those LED teeth whiteners?!”

It was a typical Tuesday night when I originally stumbled across the world of LED teeth whitening. I wondered how anything of the sort could be possible in stores! For over 10 years, the LED teeth whitening procedure has been used in Dentistry, and now I can find it at my local Shoppers Drug Mart?! It was too good to be true then …I saw the price

For a pack of basically a flashlight and a tube of whitener, it was $60 CAD. For some, they might be jumping with joy over this price, yet to me it was still to pricey for my liking. I thought this was the end of my journey with teeth whitening but alas, an unknown brand shone through!

The lovely team at White With Style read my anger with the high-end brand and sent me my own amazing whitening set. This set came with: 2 plastic moulds for the whitening, vitamin e cotton swabs, instructions, the LED whitener, and a gel whitening worth 10 uses *gasp*. The team at White With Style gave me way more opportunities of flavour than I could imagine,more than the leading brands of only 1 flavour. Personally, I chose Blueberry Muffin Flavour, and surprisingly it tasted identical (I was expecting some weird artificial blue gross gloop).

Before I tried the whitening, I consulted my dentist. This is the most important thing about whitening, I cannot stress this enough! I showed them the stats, how WWS is vegan, gluten-free, RDA certified, Cruelty Free, and my dentist nodded and said, “I will allow you, just remember: Moderation”. You never want to over do yourselves, folks.

2016-08-12 02.31.14 1.jpg
As you can tell I am beyond happy to be drinking my tetley tea in peace!

When the package finally came in the mail, I tore it open and started right away! There were quite a few instructions on the card, yet if there were any less I would have been concerned. After moulding my teeth, and inserting the whitening gel, I was ready to go! I am not sure if I was over thinking, but in that moment I was so proud of where we have come to as a Sock The Walk community! We were collaborating with something that I truly am interested in, and got my own personal promo code! …..

WAIT! We have a promo code?! Yes! If you go to WWS’ Website, and enter the promo code: Me23 you will get your own whitener kit for 90%off at a price of $28!!!

Back to reality…..

After I whitened my teeth for 15 minutes straight, I felt like a more confident gal! Maybe it wasn’t noticeable to others, yet to me they looked clearly whiter! I am a tea addict, I drink way too much, so to be able to whiten my teeth and get those stains away is amazing!!

Overall: 8.5/10 experience


Use the promo code before its too late! I’m so happy for all the viewers who have been there since day 1 <33! If you liked this blog/style of it comment down below and like 🙂 Also follow for more kicking blog posts! Thank you so much, it means the world

(p.s. I hope you don’t mind the punny title)


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