Vaca Vlog: Beautiful British Columbia!


Beautiful British Columbia, read the license plates. After a minimum of 10 minutes in that magical place, I knew they weren’t kidding! For the past 12 years, I have been living in a busy city, one that never sleeps and only hums at night time, and never have I ever yearned to go to Vancouver. Sadly, I wish I yearned to go to British Columbia sooner. Yes, my friends told me “just how beautiful it is”, but you can never capture ones beauty without paying it a visit. It’s Sock the Walk here, and this is my travel story.

When living in a idled city most of my life, I forgot how beautiful it is to take a deep breath and not smell any sort of gasoline near by. Or how to imagine a downtown vicinity that can also cater to the lush trees near by. Then again, I never went to Vancouver. Vancouver is the best of both worlds; one second you are climbing up a huge Twilight-esque terrain, and the next you are looking up at the nearest Trump Tower (yes, those are in Canada…sadly). Yet the most beautiful sight of the whole area, consists of the peace on the island.

On my round trip of B.C, I went to many other cities that have nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of back home. These cities have FRESH AIR, over priced food (okay that’s in the city too), but what the city does not have is peace and relaxation. I don’t know if it was the calming waves of the blue ocean, or the “hippie” mentality, but I have never felt more relaxed then on the island. If you were to take anything back from this post, please make it be that if you ever plan on visiting Vancouver, hop on the ferry (for an extra 2 hours) and pay a visit to Tofino, Nanaimo, and Qualicum Beach. We all know that Tofino is for surfing (trust me if you want a post on that I can deliver), Nanaimo is for the….Nanaimo bar! Qualicum Beach?! Where in heavens is that? Only the home of the coolest hotel in history; the Free Spirit Spheres.

Free Spirit Spheres are little pods hanging from trees in the wilderness of Qualicum Beach. All of your childhood dreams have come true, and take that from a girl who slept one night in the amazing Eden pod. Being in the pod brings you back down to earth (oh irony)! It makes you feel one with the trees and as if you are living in a birds nest. Yet in the comfort of a single bed and mini living space. Climb your way up to the Free Spirit Spheres for a wonderful experience!

When we originally landed in Vancouver, I was questioning why the vary of people from around the globe were choosing this as their destination. Yet between the hikes, laughs, and great hospitality, I could not think of a better location for a vacation.

a short video of the beauty of my fantastic trip!

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