How To Thrift Like a Pro

“That looks like Burberry, it’s so cute!”

“That’s because it is”

*walks off mysteriously while they ponder just where and how you got your hands on that plaid gem*

Style comes from within. It comes from emotions and the way that we flaunt our selves to the world. Some are daring, when others like the keep a low profile, yet no matter who you are a good thrift store is always a splendid treat. And trust me when I say this…I adore thrift shopping! The idea of finding unique piece that has had a past life , and giving it a new resurgence is amazing to me. Yet thrifting is not all sunshine and rainbows, it can get seriously ugly. From the jam packed aisles to that feeling of finding “your item” beginner thrifters can need a guide. Let me be your guide…. I WILL SHOW YOU THE WORLD  (no, I am not ashamed to quote Aladdin), and I will show you some of my killer pieces whilst becoming your bargain genie ;)! So let’s hop to it

#1: Know Your Stores

There are always going to be the big names in the business. For stores in malls these may be the ones that are always jam packed. Then there are the little shops of wonders, ones that may give you that little extra ordinary option. These are the exact same as thrift stores. Sure, the big brands in thrift such as Good Will, Value Village, and Salvation Army are all good… yet usually where you find the designer gems, are in the little not known thrift shops, the cute quaint ones that you pass by every so often. *BONUS: Usually these stores are a lot cheaper then big brand thrift stores! So google some nearby thrift stores and aim for the gold.

Tribal Rhythm 
Kind Exchange (aka my go to)
Mama Loves You Vintage
and….Value Village on Eglington

#2: Make a Day Of It

If you think going to the mall is exhausting, try running through a store that (usually) has no organization what so ever! Going through Thrift shops is a full day outing…so why not make a map of the coolest shops around, invite some friends and make a memorable outing of it?!

#3: Never Judge a Store by its cover

(life is like a box of chocolates….)

#4: Brands & Price 

If you are thrifting just to dig up a good Tommy Hilfiger sweater, then you are going in this with the wrong outlook. Keep an open mind, and go into a store unexpected! Yet also keep a type of price range in hand. If you INDEED find a great old vintage designer brand, do not buy it for the brand!! Buy it because it sparks you joy. This is where lots of customers go wrong. They go to get ugly old designer shirts that they spend a few odd dollars on and NEVER wear it once in their lives. My friend taught me the best tip that I have ever heard. When ever picking out an item, before the purchase, look at the item very carefully and decide if you would rather have 20$ (or what ever price your item is) or that item. If the money? Do not buy it. If the item? Buy that bad boy! My young grasshoppers: you will buy what makes you happy, buy what makes you feel confident, sexy, and strong. Promise me that.

I have found some amazing treasures in the history of thrifting….like these bad boys:


wp-image-828658569jpg.jpg (Burberry Flannel)


(a Vintage Chanel Sweater)


(Saks Fifth Avenue 70s Suede dress)


(Steve Madden booties)

#5:  lil tips

  • Much like the scene in “Confessions of a shopaholic” with ***’s big closet sale, sometimes people can get down and dirty, so if you spotted it first, grab it and go!
  • Always, always wash your new purchases! Even if they still “have a tag”,they have been infected by the other not-so-clean clothes. (& who wants to risk bed bugs!)
  • Always try on the item before buying (some times hangers do way too much for the article of clothing)
  • Never settle for anything less than the reaction “I LOVE IT”
  • Have a blast!!

& lastly…

#6: Always Give Back!

Because we cant just take and not think of giving back to others who are truly in need!

Hey guys!

Hope you liked this post!! As you can tell I spend way too much time thrifting…but I am glad it is finally paying off;) please comment down below your tips and tricks! And hope this helps when purchasing the next vintage thriller

All the love,


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