Rules of the Model Off-Duty Look!

*Logs on to Pinterest specifically to try and receive the secrets to the model-off-duty-look…yet somehow ends up looking through boards for 2 hours*

We’ve all been there. For some, they may be trying everything in their power to get the makeup of Gigi Hadid down pat, yet for me it seems to be the model off duty look. There is something so intriguing about the super-model look. Yes, most of their clothes cost more then my bank accounts combined, yet they make these pieces look so effortless time and time again. To me, the way that these models can muster up an outfit at 4 am before a big photo-shoot is mind boggling. After scrolling aimlessly for hours, trying to be so effortless, I have picked up on a few tips that seemed to re-occur within the squad of super models such as: Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid, the  list goes on and on! Without further ado….here are my  Rules of the model off duty look!

Rule#1: Do the “Tuck”

Now a days, every item of clothing is either over sized or too tight to breath in. Yet why only choose 1 way? Some times, certain articles of clothing gobble up your body figure to only have a paper bagged look. The cure: Do the tuck! Not only does it accentuate your waist, yet adds a bit of colour blocking to your outfit (which is in right now!)


Rule #2: Denim Dreams

I never mixed denim. For me, matching two denim pieces seemed like it would truly define me as a “Canadian” (the Canadian tuxedo is denim on denim). But to heck with being embarrassed! Much like all Bella Hadid, you should be proud and confident in what you wear. You can never go wrong with denim ladies. By stating this: mix up your denim, 2 tones of denim can offset basic outfits.

Steal Bella Hadid’s easy denim subtle mixed look with these Topshop MOTO Panel Straight Leg Jeans. 

*You can now find every article of clothing that is talked about in the SHOP page on the menu of Sock The Walk. This page not only leads you to the store, yet also has a few of my other favourtites of the month*

^thank me later 😉

Rule #3: Graphic Tees

“Graphic Tees are just so hot right now”, who could’ve imagined that?! After the craze of children’s graphic tees from Bluenotes, one would have thought that these would have been out of the question, yet to models, a graphic tee is a simple necessity. A graphic tee can make a boring old pair of black jeans come to life. Some times, when it is 6 am and you have to get up for a shoot, a basic go to graphic tee is comfy enough, yet if paired correctly, can look quite put together.


With a simple NASA tee from Urban Outfitters, you too can go a-la-Kendall and look chic while still being as comfy as can be. A 10/10 option for me!

Rule #4: Be matchy! 

Before this season, I would never dare to match. Yet from a miracle that is fashion week, who  knows what to expect?! Matching is the key to a model off duty look. If you are deciding to match an outfit….go big or go home. By this I of course mean that your purse, shoes, dress, top, pants, all have to be one colour. The matchy monochromatic look not only stands out, yet slims the body with a smooth touch!


To get your own Kendall look, in the SHOP, I made a selection look for you…as featured here:

A fun baby pink mess, yet with a back pack (and cheap price) mix!

Rule #5: Be You!

Also known as the best part of the model look. Not only do each of these ladies have their own style, yet because of it they pull the whole look off! They follow the rule: If you want to wear something, wear it with confidence! Do you think that Gigi Hadid wakes up every morning thinking of all the ridicule that she may have gotten from a horrendous outfit?! NO! Everything is a learning experience, and no body should ever be defined or constrained by a label (I’m like a peacock you gotta let me fly).

Never change who you are for ANYONE…just love yourself and accept yourself!


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