Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Hola amigos!

You are probably looking at the title and either assuming 2 things.

  1. Sock the Walk created a blog award just so she can win it (sadly this is not an unlikely thing I would do)
  2. Sock the Walk got nominated for a blog award!

Well I did not create this award *yes!!* and it is…the second! The lovely Catiá de Jesus from the blog It’s all about communication, nominated me for this award! So how does this award work?

The Sunshine Blogger Award , consists of 2 rules:

1. Each blogger nominated has to answer 11 questions from the previous blogger who nominated them

2. Each blog has to create another 11 questions for their chosen nominees!

Basically it is like a fun really long chain mail! I am so honored and here are my 11 answers:

1 – If you could take an action to make the fashion industry more sustainable, what would it be?

To make the fashion industry more sustainable, I would personally focus mostly on pricing. We have to keep in mind that the consumers interest to always go for the “less expensive” piece of clothing verses the item that is organic yet expensive. To help the economy whilst saving the earth in the fashion industry we need to find a way to use organic materials while keeping the price down, therefore they will be purchased more effectively.

2 – Do you believe fashion business is directly linked to the term “consumerism”? Why?

The term “consumerism” is described as the protection or promotion of the interest of consumers. To me, when hearing those words, I immediately think of the fashion industry. Day by day, the industry uses supermodels, new fun techniques, and editorial ads to spark the consumers interest. In the fashion industry, there will always be a sense of belonging for everyone. The industry focuses on each group to keep each customer happy and hungry for more.

3 – Where you see the blogosphere in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope the blog sphere will still be alive! Sadly, the attention spans of readers keeps getting smaller and smaller, so who knows! We may need a huge rebirth to show society the benefits of reading from all around the world.

4 – What is the biggest  fashion icon today?

This is quite a tricky question. To me, the biggest fashion icon today is Olivier Rousteing. He brought back the biggest trend in fashion right now: the monochromatic look. Not only is he adored by the Kardashians, yet has brought the name of Balmain back to the top!

5 – If you could choose the key colors of next season, which would it be?

The key colours of next season I hope will be some fun yet easy to wear colours like: pistachio (greeny-blue), a more pink tone to peach, and of course….a midnight black/blue look.

6 – Carolina Herrera or Diane von Furstenberg, for a dinner?

I would love to dine with Carolina Herrera. I admire her sense of a posh style that never fades. I try to incorporate that look as much as I can into my daily life:)! She is the ultimate definition of that Jackie O look that we all try to go after.

7 – If you had to choose the same outfit to wear for a whole week, which will you choose?

That’s easy. A loose white tee, black skinny jeans, my leather jacket, and my black booties. An easy and effortless look.

8  -If you could attend a fashion week, which would you pick? Why?

I would love to one day attend a New York Fashion Week! I have never been to New York, and am dieing to go! I find that New York Fashion Weeks are always the most exciting to watch because they have the majority of hip celebs and new and upcoming designer shows.

9 – Describe the current fashion in 3 adjectives!

Sleek, Monochrome, Edgy

10 – What is the piece (clothing, accessories and footwear) that have made you think “how this became fashionable”? 

Chokers. At first, I would laugh at all the 12 year old girls with their rainbow chokers…then I hopped on board. I still do not understand how a piece of rubber tightly around someone’s neck became fashionable, yet it has taken the world by storm.

11 – Which superhero is the most fashionable? Why?

Cat Woman is by far the most fashionable superhero there is! She rocks the all leather vibe, and has a fantastic sense of confidence which is always in style ;)!


Now for my nominations: I nominate the blogs Hof Sisters &  Natalies Lovely Blog

Good luck to you ladies:)!

Here are my 11 questions:

  1. What is your favourite trend at the moment?
  2. How does style refect society as a whole?
  3. How is advertising more prominent then ever in fashion and beauty?
  4. Who is the most stylish male model?
  5. What is your all time ultimate makeup dupe?
  6. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been?
  7. What inspired you to create a blog originally?
  8. To you, what does the world need more of in the fashion industry?
  9. Do you ever DIY clothing? If so, how?
  10. Who is the most powerful supermodel out there? Give a reason?
  11. Audrey Hepburn or Jane Birkin? Why?

By Sock the Walk

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