Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)

At many points in my life I have gone through fads. From knitting to barre, I have done them all. For me, I have a sense of admiring fads, and how things work as features in Girl-Code, and once I learn how to do something my interest slowly fades. This may be the worst thing about myself. I tend to give up very easily. Yet for the past 3 months, I have been diligently sticking to the biggest change that I have made; a lifestyle change.

So what is a lifestyle change?

According to Google, a lifestyle changes are alterations to various lifestyle-related behaviors which include: a diet, physical activity, sexual behavior, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. But I do not think this really gives justice. Google made it sound like you have to have a serious issue to have a lifestyle change. I’ll give you my explanation.

I have never been the athletic type. Much like everything in life, I would play a sport (absolutely hate it because I was not amazing at it) and give up. Instead of getting up and back out there, I would sit on my couch every day after school and watch Ellen , whilst devouring a bunch of Oreo Cookies. I abused my sense of a quick metabolism to eat what ever crap I desired. Yet, for some reason all of that changed in this past year. I discovered activities that I actually enjoy and have sticked to them (such as running, going to the gym, blogging, and coding). Instead of looking at myself in the mirror and wondering why I wasn’t happy with myself, I put all the negativity of others behind me and started working for what I wanted and needed. Trust me, there is no better feeling then coming home after a run and looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling whilst saying, “I am so proud of you, you are beautiful”. I became less stressed about what others think of me, and am currently trying to tone down my overall stress level by next year. Because of the way I am living, eating, and acting lately, this year has been the best year of my life…so far 😉

How did I turn from a lazy butt, into a girl who is embracing every new opportunity that is thrown at her? To be honest I am truly not quite sure…but I have a list of ways for you to do the same :)!

  1. Be confident in yourself – believe you can do it!!
  2. Find your inner motivation– for me, my motivation to keep fit was Karlie Kloss, and trust me that motivation works!
  3. Find time for yourself– put aside time for yourself, go to a cafe, movie theater, or even a museum alone , or simply read a book
  4. Take up journaling– I am a HUGE advocate of journaling. Keeping a journal not only keeps all the information of your past, yet is also an amazing outlet for your emotions, when no one is listening
  5. Find your thing– take time to find the things that you like to do ,if you truly enjoy it…you will never give up (I suggest yoga, running, creating your own blog, or maybe even poetry)
  6. Invest in a good water bottle– 8 cups of water can be hard…but with a cool bottle you will be sipping that back in no time 😉
  7. Eat what makes you feel good- do not go on a diet. That is the worst idea ever! Instead substitute the foods that make you feel bad, or you can do without. (start with Mc Donalds, candy, chocolate, and build from there) abs are made in the kitchen people!
  8. Take time to cook- trust me it’s fun
  9. Go out! Have fun!
  10. Spend time with people you love– family, friends, people galore!
  11. Treat yo self!- every now and again treat yourself to something small like a piece of cake or chocolate
  12. Create a goal and celebrate it when you reach it!!
  13. Spend time with your pet- they not only de-stress but are cuddly cute:)!


I hope you are inspired by this to live the life that you always wanted to! Do not make excuses to wait until tomorrow…but start now:)


By Sock the Walk

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