Are You A Mom or Millennial? (the ultimate quiz)

Even though I am a millennial, I tend to feel that I do not fit in with the cool ways of the teens around me. I do not go to Starbucks, my first time in Lush Cosmetics was yesterday, and I do not obsess over my Instagram feed. Okay, that last one was a lie, but most of the time my friends call me the Grandma of our friend group (since I fall asleep at 10 and watch “Downton Abbey”)

Are you like me? Are you more of a mom than a millenial? Or are you the Cool Mom , like Amy Poehler, who tries too hard to fit in with the hipster kids? No matter what…I shall help you find your true self: Millenial or Mom?

Let’s get to it!



1.Do you have an Instagram account?

a) Nope, I only use Facebook

b) DUH! I have 3 accounts (1D fan page, a spam account, and a personal account)

2. Do you go to Starbucks?

a) I get a triple pump no milk, soy milk extra coffe caramel machiato

b) Who would pay 5 dollars for a drink when you have a pack of 30 tea bags at home?!

3. Why is Kim Kardashian famous?


a) *rants for 30 minutes on why she is more then just a show gal*

b) I don’t know

4.How do you workout?

a) I do yoga, barre, and pilates

b) I run, do yoga, and pilates

5. What is your favourite style trend: Model Off Duty or Parisian Chic?


a) Model Off duty

b) aren’t they the same thing? Hold up they aren’t?!

6. Who is your favourite angel?

a) Karlie or Candice

b) what angel?

7. What do you do when you have some spare time?

a) Netflix, Youtube , and social media take up my time

b) a good curl up with a book and some tunes

7. Who are you in :”Mean Girls”?


a) Glen Coco

b) I’m the cool mom


If you got mostly a’s:

YOU ARE A MILLENNIAL!! Congrats! You are under 30 and snap chat about this quiz now (only after Pokemon go!)

If you got mostly b’s:

YOU ARE A MOTHER! Well maybe you are not a mother, but you are your own person! You do what you like and do not follow what everyone else is doing. Let’s get our tea on!

Hello lovely people! How is life!? Don’t worry if you got the mom…I am one too *hugs all around*! And if you got millennial…you are already way cooler than me! This is all in fun and games, and I hope you enjoyed this! Comment if you liked this so maybe I could do more fun things like these in the future!!

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