How to Pack For a Vacation!

You wake up at 3 am. Unfortunately these uncanny hours are the only cons to an all expensed trip with work to Cabo.  You hens-fourth go to catch a cab at 3:30 am, and arrive at the airport with 2 hours to spare. Right as you are about to hitch into the area where one puts all of their items in those risky Tupperware tubs, you have a panic attack. No. I forgot to pack my tooth-brush. Instead of people watching at the best place to people watch on earth (the airport causes Kardashian- esque fights…especially at 6 am), you are paranoid for the next half an hour. How could you forget a tooth brush! What else did you forget?! Your underwear? Oh no. This causes more doubts. Then before you know it the plane is boarding and there is nothing, not one thing, that you can do to win back your beloved tooth brush.

That is my worst nightmare. Yes, if you are wondering, I can be quite OCD with packing all that is needed (even if the trip is for just the weekend). As the saying / my family motto goes, “It’s better over-prepared”. So how do you avoid all of this stress from not being able to receive your daily dose of airport drama?! Fret no more my readers, Sock the Walk is here to help.

A vacation, no matter how far, is about finally relaxing and letting loose, and hopefully forgetting about any drama what so ever back home.  Vacations are family and “me time”.  To avoid feeling stressed out during “me time/family time”, I create a list (yes, I am the queen of lists). A list that will have you covered no matte what….so let’s get to it!

*Disclaimer: This whole list is under the standards of a Canadian carry on bag…which also means not having to pay to ship your bag alone! Score!


(7-14 days edition)


Know the weather: If it is hot…do not pack a fleece sweater, and if it is cold…do not pack a trunk full of halter tops
This list is made out of a mix and match of outfits that you can wear over and over again without feeling crummy or tired of the same old look.
**Buy the non-essentials IN your destination –> tissues, towels,band-aids,flip-flops (they will probably have some but dollarama is a beautiful thing), sunscreen, moisturizer, food…(guys that’s just prohibited), and anything that you do not 100% need**

Now to the LIST

  1. T-SHIRTS: 3 shirts (1 black, 1 white, 1 grey or any other ) ,long sleeve shirt *depending on weather,  Sweater, 2-3 Athletic tees
  2. OCCASIONS:  1 dress, any jewelry needed/watch and earrings, 1-2 bathing suits, sunglasses, a purse, wallet, ID, cash, 1 Hat
  3. BOTTOMS: 1 pair of pants (if hot: flowy pants or skirt, if cold: leggings or a pair of jeans), shorts*
  4. PJs
  5. SHOES: runners, birks, tevas, hiking boots, booties, heels: **only 2 MAX of this list
  6. UNDERWEAR: 14 undies, 7 pairs of socks, 2 bras (normal and a sports bra)
  7. BEAUTY: deodorant, mascara, bb cream, concealer, 1 palette (if you have to), a lip product, tooth-brush, floss
  8. OTHER: 1 book (or a kindle would be a great investment if you travel frequently), Camera and case, chargers, headphones, a phone or iPod, a journal, a magazine, a pen, a brush


I love this list so much. For me, this is everything that I may need!! I know, that other people have their own necessities, so comment down below anything that is a major key for you when packing for a vaca!! Trust me…Write down this list, and cross off what has already been put inside the suit case. It is a life saver!

Now let’s end on a fun note….an amazing lyric of a remake by Michael Buble saying:

“Come fly with me let’s fly let’s fly away”

happy flying,

STW xo

By Sock the Walk

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