1 Month In $$: Rihanna+ Fenty “Fur Slides”

My life is made up of routines. From timing my every second at the gym, to catching the same bus everyday, we all have different routines that we look forward to every day. Coming home after a long day and sliding into my slippers…that is the reason that I get through every day.  So when the trend of slippers finally became a world-wide trend, with the Fenty x Rihanna fashion show,  I was not one to miss out! First of all: a trend that Kylie Jenner AND the Hadid sisters follow…that’s just a no brainer. Just look at Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and Sophia Richie go! They look styling with zero-effort needed!

For months after seeing the pink, black and white slippers take on the world, I knew that I needed a pair. Or is it worth it? Today I have put together a list of things you can NOT buy for 1 month to be able to afford these Fluffy slips!

The $$$

Currently the “fur slip” goes for 65 British pounds.

Well if you do not use google or know how to convert money (me too do not fret) that means roughly 110$ CAD *if you are using Canadian dollars

You may be sitting there gasping at the thought of 110 dollar flip-flops, yet it you put into consideration how much we spend without a bat of an eyelash….you will probably be able to afford 3! So let’s see if it is worth it to give up these goto’s for a month for the fluffiest slippers that can be worn in public 😉


#1. Coffee!!


Coffee. A national treasure to the world. Whether you are a tea guru (like me), or a coffee addict, the average american usually begin their morning with a good old brew of the hot stuff. For people on the go, it may be hard to even bear thinking of the idea to….prepare your OWN coffee *gasp* *the horror*!!

So who is the #1 choice for the best way to wake up? None other than the most expensive coffee ticket on the block; Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks is a place of hipsters and extra foam, yet a recent study by the Daily Meal co is helping it seem but wonder if the aesthetics are really worth it. Since it is the beginning of summer, let’s look at the Iced Drink statistics shall we?

  1. A Grande Iced Coffee:$ 2.65 –> with 3 visits a week ($7.95) that times the amount per month, you’d be cashing in Starbucks $30-35 Dollars per month!

So what is our total now for the Fenty Slippers?

Minus the Coffee= we are at 75 Dollars

#2.  Cut Out Cable

Think of the last time that you truly watched something on cable. Was it last month? The Oscars? New Year’s Eve? If you cannot remember the last time that something you needed to watch was not streamed online, it’s time to part ways with the old-fashioned cable. On average, we spend 123 dollars per MONTH on cable that we do not even use. WHAT?! Hold on…123 dollars?! That is  $1,476 per year! At this point we are already exceeded our amount for the Fenty shoes. At this point you can buy the Gucci version!

*Since it is quite a task to call your provider I will not count this in the reduction of money per month….Let’s keep it realistic here

#3. Impulse shops

It happens to the best of us. Will power can sometimes not be controlled. I tend to let loose if there is any new makeup products by l’Oreal Paris or if I ever walk by MAC. The average teenager spends roughly (this is the minimum) $50 per month on impulse buys. Yet, for an adult with a full-time job, the impulse buys usually rise to a whopping $310 PER MONTH. *jaw dropping*

(At this point call me “Mr.Money Mustache”, because I am helping you all out big time)

Instead of buying something right away, wait 48 hours until you commit to a purchase. If you are still thinking about what a great addition it would be…then add it to the cart! Most likely, you will not be thinking about it in 48 hours, and you will have more dolla bills for 3 pairs of Fenty Slippers.

75- 50= $25 (Let’s target this to girls my age)

#4. The final….Junk Food

We all know it is bad, yet sometimes a Kit-Kat is calling my name! Junk food can be a HUGE contender when trying to save money. Yes, it may seem cheap, yet this “other food group” is filled with empty calories. This means that you keep eating and do not feel full, which then tempts you to buy tons more! Girl control your self! Next time before you give in to that  Kit-Kat, take some fresh fruit that you already have at home to cut out the craving of something sweet and savory! Every month society spends roughly $30 on junk-food that they see just “hanging”around the isles.


wow! We made it so far! With just a few cutouts..you are now the proud owner of the most funky/childish/summer essential shoes on the block!

Now it’s up to you to pick your colour;)


(personally I like the black ones)


Hope some of these tips and tricks helped a bit! If you have these shoes and love or hate them…comment and tell me like it is! Or show this post some love:)

This was my first attempt at a ‘month in money’post, and I would LOVE to do some more (only if you guys like them though)!! For more designer brands and with more relatable ways to cut the expenses in half 🙂


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