There are legendary  “bro codes”, yet before you assume I am not talking about the girl code. Sorry just can’t unleash that can of worms. Instead I will be discussing the true girl-code…coding! *you must all be thrilled…please be thrilled!!1!*

“Coding is a superpower”

-Karlie Kloss in an interview with

That one quote was all it took for me to try coding. My idol (other than Audrey Hepburn of course) Karlie Kloss is a world wide super model, yet is much more than just looks. Karlie is a tech savvy, entrepreneur, who is known for her passion of coding. One day after I was watching one of her videos on why she codes, I finally understood the big deal about coding.

I never really got what coding was. To be truly honest I did not know what it was per say. Coding has been all over social media lately that I was too afraid to ask anyone what it meant. Some people would say , “I know a lot of guys who do it, it’s a boy thing”. Right then and there that’s when I got interested. Why? There are stigmas about coding saying it is ‘just for boys’ and a ‘man’s career’ , yet that is the stigma that Karlie is trying to break. Because the reality is, it is for anyone. Young. Old. Any gender or race. I don’t want to put words in ms Kloss’s mouth yet I’m pretty sure that is why she has a whole summer camp for girls coding. The tech industry has a sad 3% of women working in it. So why not break the statistics?

Coding: the process of assigning a code to something for the purposes of classification or identification.

……or that is as said by google. Still don’t get it? Trust me I didn’t either. Let me explain it the way I like to see it. I love the show how it’s made. Where they go into the factories and see the process in which the product is made. Coding is not to far from that. Coding is the different processes of how technological things are made. This can vary from making a drone all the way to making your own interactive app. It is the way of being safe online, and being independent in the tech world.

So you are probably all wondering… Did you give it a try?

Today, july 8th 2016, I went to on very first coding class (online) and I fell in love. After having nothing to do for the moth of july (I like to keep busy 24/7) , I decided to take on Coding. Again. I once upon a time tried to go to a free coding class in the neighborhood…but alas it was not on! *boo*

Yet if there is one thing that I have learned from coding, is to NEVER give up! Today while completing many challenges (I was addicted…4 hours straight!), I needed some help. I am on the website, a great way to learn and help non profit organisations! Luckily, on Free Code Camp, there is a live chat forum that is open to all coders in the camp 24/7! I felt a bit pathetic at first asking these geniuses little questions like: how to change a font colour or a picture’s size. Yet at the end of the day, no one is there to judge you. Positivity is all around us folks!



In just 4 hours, I already created the front page of a Cat Photo App with interesting colours, font types, round pictures, embedded links and borders galore! After just looking at all the work and efforts I put in a massive grin went across my face. It finally occurred to me truly how privileged we are to

a) have computers

b) be able for any gender, race to have the choice to learn to code world wide with Free Code Camp!

After ranting to my mother about my new found love for coding, and how excited I am to begin modelling, I sent out a tweet. It read:

Thank you to @freecodecamp and a little motivation from @karliekloss another young girl is learning the wonders of coding! #girlcode #code

20 MINUTES LATER: I received a like on my tweet…who could it be from? None other then the one and ONLY Karlie Kloss and Free Code Camp.


I truly think that I jumped around in my room singing live while were young for 10 minutes. That’s when I knew. I can never give up. No one should ever give up something they love. If anyone can embody that, it’s Karlie.

This post was not written to gloat, or to give false hope, rather to share my (other) new found love; coding. I want to be able to give a change in the world, and with social media and coding, me and any girl any age can do just that! Believe in yourself and follow your dreams (no matter how big or small) Because…THEY DO COME TRUE. Love every inch of yourself, so others can too.

All the love,


A link to the coding camp 🙂 Here

And if you want some stellar tweets…here ya go 😉

Thank you so much to every body who made this happen. Always try new things and follow your passions!

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