How I Became a Soccer Fan! (euro 2016)

“Gareth Bale is my spirit animal” “who?”

I have never been a sporty person. I was always picked close-to-last-yet-not-fully-last in gym class, for may given reasons. I am too polite to tackle someone. I was shy (oh the memories), and I was just not the “sporty type”. To be fair, I did try to become sporty spice many, many times (kids soccer, tennis, swim team, volley ball, track and field) yet we all know..who can be sporty when they are posh spice?!

That being said, I have recently found a love for physical activity that will not force me to say “sorry” every time that I touch someones foot; running and going to the gym. My exercise time is my time to be 100% in touch with myself and my emotions. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Every time I go to the gym, I run for 20 or so minutes on the treadmill. Usually, since it is a gym, the sports network is on. From the past year of going to the gym, I have learned to love tennis (those squeaky shoes and aggressive grunts are amazing), formula 1 (to be fair I have always liked this) and  rugby (hello sexy thighs). Yet nothing  will ever compare to my new found love for soccer. The tale begins at 3 pm on a Saturday *spooky I know* I enter the gym to a big blue sign on the TV saying EURO 2016. Once I stepped on the treadmill I got set back to 2 years ago. I saw on the screen the Wales vs Northern Ireland soccer game. I am welsh. A few years ago, I went to wales (on my grand euro trip) and the sights to see there were absolutely magnificent! Compared to the busy streets of Toronto, going to rural wales was an amazing get away of hills and ancient castles. By just seeing the red jerseys, I felt a sense of happiness flush over me. After watching the game intensely for 20 minutes, I did not want to stop! I made sure that every machine I went on I would still be able to see the game. The victory of 1-0 made a few Irish men sigh, yet I yelled proudly. I finally felt part of the gym environment! For the first time in a whole year! I went home and made it my duty to download all the necessary apps to follow my team and my dream boat player Gareth Bale.

*Some people watch soccer just for the hot men, even though I don’t…we can still have an appreciation break…



hottest team on the map


when even the drawings are attractive….no seriously

Anyway back to reality…

Discovering the joys of soccer were so amazing to me! Soccer is a way of uniting a country, culture, keeping fit, great conversation topic (I made some friends at the gym)  and overall having a great time! Also an added bonus is the drama on the field that can be turned into a meme at any second like…


I see a bit of a resemblance..


You can find a passion for anything, from art to one direction it is all around us every day. Yet there is some sort of magical feeling when you finally discover a new found love. Mine may have been for soccer and formula 1, but yours can be anything!

All the best of luck to Portugal in the finals (even though you beat us yesterday and I was devastated) but we all know who the real winners are here



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  1. Great that you have found a new love, I totally agree with this post! I have not a drop of Welsh blood being English Scottish and Jamaican but I support Wales too! England were pathetic… I have to admit my main interest in soccer is the hot men but that is because England is always so disappointing.. .


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