How To Make Your Own Romantic-Comedy

It is 10 pm on a Friday night. You check snap chat only to discover that in everyone’s Harry Potter Novel-esque stories, they are all out at a party or travelling the world (Zoella /any you-tuber or child celeb). How Great. Now what? And in 10 seconds it seems you have stumbled upon your go to movie for a Friday night..a romantic comedy.

I am a lover of Romantic Comedies. Any thing from Hugh Grant to Sandra Bullock makes me so happy inside. Who knows why Rom-coms effect humans this way? Is it the fact that the characters that are not only stunning, get to live your dream life? Or that they make you have a well deserved weep? From my recollection of my many MANY rom-com viewings, all of these winding tales seem to all intertwine, so how hard could it be to create your own Romantic Comedy?

#1 The Plot

Think of the most cliche thing possible, then wind it into a story. Such as: car breaks down in the rain, meets lover at a coffee shop, both lovers are not medically stable, and both lovers just seem to have the exact same friend group (god knows how). The one thing that I tend to realize about rom-coms are that they are never quite realistic. The guy always gets the girl, some how in some magical way. By saying that, try hard, try really hard to think of your ultimate way to either a) pass away with your lover b) have a passionate kiss ending or c) have everything work out in the end even if you committed some illegal activity (The Proposal). & Voila! There you have your ideal plot, look at you go!

#2 The Casting Call

Pick the most beautifully un achieveable people you can think of and put them all in a movie. Who cares if they can act, as long as they look sexy while pondering into the distance on a boat.

#3 The Location

Here are your choices:

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Tropics (vacation)
  4. London
  5. or any all american small town

On an a low-key budget of 1 million dollars these towns will do just the trick!

#4 The Result

Wow! After all the hard work, the movie is created. And before you ask, yes a whole tissue box was used in the viewing of the film. Now your amazingly common film can live in the spotlight of teenage or heart broken people from all around the world!

I love Romantic Comedies, I really do. I am sorry if I hurt anyone in the making of this post, but I just wanted to speak the truth. In the society that we live in, everyone wants a happy ending. When these people do not get their dream happy ending, they seem to wonder why they even try for love because clearly Ryan Reynolds can find his true love in a subway station. To all those people, yes I am a victim, do not give up! Love will find you one day! So life may not be like the movies, but it is pretty darn great! Just live each day knowing that there is diversity in the world (date who you want, be who you want) & you do not have to follow the rules that the perfect world dishes out. Be you and be happy because someone loves you just the way you are, even if you do not know them yet.


By Sock the Walk

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