Sockin’ Summer Reading Club: Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

Three Day Road – By Joseph Boyden

(the 3rd Sockin Summer Reading Club!!!)


Hello Guys!

Hope you are having/had an amazing Canada Day/4th of July week/ just an average-Joe weekend:)! As I was thinking about the school year coming to an end, I began to reminisce the victories & faults of Canadians that I learned from my History class. From the great depression to the vote for women, the world has been built into the way it is today from a chain of history. Yet there is one general event that seems to stand out. One that shapes our nation yet also shows the dangers of Humanity ; World Warfare. I cannot begin to describe all that has happened and that is still happening in warfare, so I beg of you to read this novel as a quick refresher and a sense of how lucky society is not to be living in the times of our past.


Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden is written in the point of view of two characters, Xavier and his Aunt Niska. As Jospeh Boyden’s first novel, he perfectly adapts the role of each character that one believes he was around during these gorey times. While Xavier is reminiscing the hell of warfare that he cannot seem to escape, Niska is re living her past to try and ease Xavier’s pain. Even though these two characters may seem very different, they both have over come the obstacles of social norms, the “white man” world, the recurring issues with battles, confusion and the pain of killing an other man. This novel not only tells a tale, yet demonstrates the true obstacles of warfare, even after it has ended. An obstacle that holds back these soldiers until the day they die.  Then from Niska, the problems of being one of the last known first nations in a new society  rapidly losing their culture to fit in with the world ruled by white men. From medical addiction, trench foot, all the historic battles of the first world war, to residential schools ; Three Day Road takes the reader through a world of change that is just as useful as a High School history class.


Plot Line 10/10

Type of reader who would enjoy: ANYONE!! I usually tend to go for the “happier” books, yet this is a true must read. I would recommend this novel to anyone

Historically Correct: 10/10

Gore: 9/10 (scalping, blood, veins, sex, bombs etc…)

**PG 14 (if a younger reader, be aware that this novel is on a brutal subject so there are high levels of gore in the story)****

Thank you SO much for being here for ANOTHER edition of the sockin summer reading club! I hope you enjoyed this genre of a blog post….because I surely have more to come! Next week the novel I have chosen will be The Martian…so stay tuned!! I will still post regularly (do not fret) and I hope you are all having a marvelous summer <33! Please comment down below your thoughts and like/follow for more amazing reads! I will soon do a give away so follow for a chance of a draw 😉

All the love,


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